Mario Lopez Accused Of Code Switching By Intentionally Using A Heavy Mexican Accent In One Of His Videos


Mario Lopez

Mario Lopez Accused Of Code Switching By Intentionally Using A Heavy Mexican Accent In One Of His Videos

Mario Lopez’s accent has fans questioning his ethnicity. 

Apparently, Mario Lopez has mastered his ability to control his diction so that his Mexican accent isn’t as heavy on television. A recently posted video of Mario Lopez enjoying a Mexican dish with his friends has fans scratching their heads. The “Saved By The Bell” actor spoke in Spanish and English, but according to some viewers, when he spoke in english, his Mexican-American accent was far noticeable than ever. 

Reactions to the video, specifically how distinct Mario spoke in his native tongue, came pouring in, and some were surprised that the last name Lopez wasn’t a dead giveaway to the child star’s nationality. One user stated,


another responded,

“I’m listening to him and wondering, has he always spoke like this or am I bugging?”

others commented,

The iHeartRadio host got wind of the chatter concerning his authenticity and took to X (formally Twitter) to clear up the confusion. Mario made it very clear that when it comes to getting the bag, he is polished and professional, but with friends and family, he is entirely himself and speaks a lot of slang. 

“I’m trying to cash these checks; I can’t be sounding all hood like that.” 

Mario’s reply garnered a lot of support from followers who enjoyed seeing a different side of the two-time Emmy winner. One user posted,

“For whatever reason I never liked the access [Hollywood] Mario Lopez idk I just don’t like that type of tv but I follow you cause I’m from San Diego and thought it was cool. I feel like we get to know the “real” you on here and it’s f*ck*n dope.”

another stated,

“Mario is a real one. This is how you handle some bullsh*t online.”

someone else replied,

“I love it when you are being yourself.. But I get the job and having to portray a persona based on your target audience. That’s why its called acting.”

Though sometimes frowned upon, the ability to alternate between dialects when necessary is a skill in and of itself. The recent occurrence with Lopez wouldn’t be the first time the public had been taken aback when seeing a different side of their favorite celebrity. The reality is code-switching is not uncommon in Hollywood. Many British actors like Idris Elba, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Damson Idris were so good at portraying American characters that when it was revealed that they were indeed from the U.K. and had to learn to speak in an American accent, many were in disbelief. It may be safe to say that it is now the new normal. 


Thankfully, Mario was able to set the record straight, comically, and positively, leaving even nay-sayers willing to move on, another skill that he’s seemingly mastered after almost 40 years in the television industry. 

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