Chad Johnson & Terrell Owens Recall Sleeping w/ 17 Women In 12 Hours

chad ochocinco johnson, terrell owens

Chad Johnson & Terrell Owens Recall Sleeping w/ 17 Women In 12 Hours

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Terrell Owens have lived wild lives.

During a conversation on Instagram Live on Tuesday (Nov. 7), the former professional football players recalled a seemingly memorable trip to the Dominican Republic. Chad Johnson said,

“That time we was in the D.R. with them women, that lil orgy.”

Terrell Owens responded,

“I had the big girl … I had to take one for the team.”

As the men reminisced about their experience, Chad Johnson mentioned that he recalled they were with 17 women since sex can never conclude on an even number — only on an odd one.

While it’s not known when the orgy took place, its likely that it was quite some time ago, since Ochocinco is engaged to Sharelle Rosado, whom he has been dating since 2020. During a previous episode of his I am Athlete podcast, Ochocinco opened up about the lasting impression Sharelle Rosado left on him when they first met, noting that she is different from the women he has previously dated.

Sharelle Rosado, Chad Ochocinco

At the time, he shared,

I don’t even fall in temptation. When you’re truly happy with her, there’s no need…This is how you know she’s the one. I’m a gamer and the importance of gaming is something I put first in life, before any woman, sometimes even before my kids because it’s a way of revenue and it’s a way I pay my bills. If this certain individual calls my phone in the middle of gaming and I’m willing to press pause, that’s how you know she’s the one.”

Terrell Owens is currently a single man. However, he opened up to Ochocinco in a separate conversation about how being “teased” and “rejected” by Black women led him to have low self-esteem and pushed him toward white women.

Regarding his “not good” experience with dating Black women, Terrell Owens said,

“My experiences with Black women growing up wasn’t so good…When I started dating white girls- my first experience with white girls was when I went to college. I tried to date some Black girls when I was in college. They did not like me. I was skinny, I was scrawny, I was teased from high school even to college, I got teased for being dark-skinned. So there was a lot of self-esteem issues.”

He added,

“When I got my opportunity, my first experience with a white girl, it wasn’t bad. But I just totally gravitated to white girls after that. That wasn’t the situation. So again, my experiences with Black women growing up wasn’t so good. But that still didn’t deter me from still dating or pursuing Black girls.”

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Authored by: S. G.