Marlon Wayans Fights For Joint Custody Of 1-Year-Old Daughter 

Marlon Wayans

Marlon Wayans Fights For Joint Custody Of 1-Year-Old Daughter

Actor Marlon Wayans has been back-and-forth in court to ensure he’s part of his new child’s life.

The TV and film star reportedly petitioned the court for joint legal and physical custody of the child he quietly welcomed sometime last year and asked to amend some of the requests made by his child’s mother.

As we reported back in March, court documents revealed that a woman named Brittany Moreland, 34, sued Marlon Wayans, 51, to establish him paternally as the father of her newborn daughter Axl. Though she requested the entertainer be held financially responsible for the baby, Moreland specified that she wanted sole primary custody and also wanted her former boo to cover all medical and legal expenses pertaining to the birth of their daughter.

Brittany Moreland

In response to the suit, Marlon Wayans reportedly accepted the child as his own but vehemently disagreed with Moreland’s custody proposal. The comedic actor allegedly contested the document, asking instead to share physical and legal custody, especially since he’s reportedly shelling out $18,000 monthly in child support. Additionally, Wayans wants the judge to toss Moreland’s request that he cover her outstanding expenses, arguing that the costs should be shared between them.

Marlon Wayans, Brittany Moreland

Reports note that Wayans recently opened up about his ongoing custody battle with Moreland, explaining why he wanted to keep the child’s existence private and expressed frustrations about her initial custody offer. He stated:

“All love, all God. The baby isn’t a secret. The mama has been posted. But I chose to keep the baby’s private life private. Ain’t nobody’s business. Social media is toxic and dangerous, and I’d like to keep her peace.”

He added about Moreland’s “delusional” custody request:

“Do you pay all that money per month and be called a ‘visitor’? Do the math,”

At this time, it has not been reported that a judge has ruled on the matter.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson