Lil Kim Says Pre-sales For Her Forthcoming Memoir Is “Surpassing The Bible”, But Has Been Delayed Due To Issues w/ Publishers

Lil Kim Says Pre-sales For Her Forthcoming Memoir Is “Surpassing The Bible”, But Has Been Delayed Due To Issues w/Publishers

Hip hip icon Lil Kim recently gave fans an update on her coming novel.

During a recent live video, the rap star shared that her memoir is complete, but is unsure when it’ll be released because of things happening “behind the scenes”.

As we covered back in May of last year, Lil Kim, real name Kimberly Denise Jones, 49, has been working on projects about her life for sometime. The musician previously stated that she had a biopic in the works and landed a book deal to release a memoir about her upbringing and career. However, things have been mostly quiet about release dates for either projects until fans recently inquired about them.

Lil Kim

After someone asked about the coming novel during the live session, Lil Kim stated:

“My book has been done, and I’m going to write y’all a letter to tell ya’ll what’s going on cause it’s not really cool…but just know it’s like that, it’s crazy. When we post our pre-sales, we be surpassing the Bible it’s crazy,”

She added:

“It’s some crazy sh*t going on behind the scenes. You have to be very careful when you deal with these book companies because they try to like…really take advantage of you,”

Lil Kim didn’t offer an in depth details of what’s going on with the delay, only reiterating her intentions to write her fans a letter explaining the situation when the time is right. No other details about the book have been revealed at this time. However, the musician did previously share that the read will explore her stellar career in music as well her her infamous relationship with hip-hop legend Biggie, who she allegedly had an affair with while he was married to singer Faith Evans.

Biggie, Faith Evans

Speaking on the novel, she reportedly stated:

“Oh my God. Everyone’s gonna know things that they’ve never known.”

There have been no updates regarding that status of the biopic Lil Kim was working on at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson