Chrisean Rock Addresses Accusations That She Punched Tamar Braxton’s Backup Singer James Wright Chanel : ‘I Think It’s Just Clout Chasing

Chrisean Rock, James Wright Chanel, Tamar Braxton

Chrisean Rock Addresses Accusations That She Punched Tamar Braxton’s Backup Singer James Wright Chanel : ‘I Think It’s Just Clout Chasing

Internet star Chrisean Rock is speaking out against allegations that she recently sent someone to the hospital.

The entertainer seemingly denied claims that she assaulted singer James Wright Chanel, though she didn’t give too much detail about the incident.

The story first hit the internet after Tamar Braxton’s friend LeTroy Davis took to his social media to slam Chrisean Rock, 23, for the alleged attack. In a video calling her a “trash” and “disgusting”, he claimed the musician made an appearance at Braxton’s recent concert “drunk, with 1000 people, smelling like weed”, ruining the show. According to him, Rock became angry once the concert ended because she was under the impression that she was supposed to perform and didn’t get the chance to. Though Davis, who says he planned the performance, denied that was the case.

He went on state that once everyone returned to the green room, the “Vibe” artist began yelling and lashing out at everyone before hitting James Wright Chanel for saying that that no one knew she was there to perform. Additionally, Davis claims that James suffered a chipped tooth and had to be hospitalized due to his nose excessively bleeding. It seems that from Rock’s perspective, however, not all of Davis‘ story is truthful. In a subsequent live video addressing the situation, the Zeus star  briefly gave her side of things, simply stating:

“I been brought up before and I know how it goes a certain way…false narratives saying ‘this happened’, ‘she did that’, I don’t know I think it’s just a clout chasing thing…honestly I need to start protecting my name,”

James Wright Chanel also somewhat spoke about the incident. In his own live, the singer says that he was just an “innocent bystander”, making it clear that no matter what went down he refuses to lose his joy. He stated:

“Everybody wanna tell stories and tell they versions…I was an innocent bystander. You know you still gotta keep joy and stuff…I don’t know what be wrong with people,”

He added:

“All I did was went to work chile…y’all already know what type of person I am…but let me tell you what ain’t nobody gone do…ain’t nobody gone take my joy…my praise…my worship…y’all should see my f***ing face, and I still got joy,”

Wright Chanel opted not to show his face in the video nor directly name drop Rock, though he clearly insinuated he was in fact assaulted. Braxton for her part has not shared her piece on the matter. Though one social media user did note that she and Davis are no longer following one another.

Davis also removed his initial video where he told the alleged story of what happened as well as subsequent posts slamming Rock. The only posts that remain on his page include a screen shot that seemingly depicts him in a group chat with the reality star, who earlier claimed the two never spoke, as well as a cryptic post that could possibly be aimed at Braxton where wrote:

“People always say stop giving things attention, but when it happens to them they wanna throw a whole press conference.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson