L.A. Reid’s New Sexual Assault Accuser Claims The Record Executive ‘Punished’ Her & ‘Stifled’ Her Career After She Refused To Give In To His Inappropriate Advances

L.A. Reid’s New Sexual Assault Accuser Claims The Record Executive ‘Punished’ Her & ‘Stifled’ Her Career After She Refused To Give In To His Inappropriate Advances

Music boss L.A. Reid is under fire after a former employee of Arista Records made some chilling allegations against him!

According to reports, a woman named Drew Dixon recently filed a lawsuit against L.A. Reid, claiming that she was sexually assaulted by the ex-CEO in the early 2000s.

L.A. Reid

Reportedly, Dixon was working as the vice president of A&R at Arista Records when L.A. Reid stepped in as a replacement for the company’s president, founder Clive Davis.

In the court filings, Dixon recalled Reid’s “sexualization” and “harassment” toward her commencing “almost immediately.”

Things (seemingly) heightened when the now-67-year-old cornered her on a private jet back in 2001. Allegedly, Arista Records was hosting a retreat in Puerto Rico that year, and Dixon received an offer to catch a private jet to the location with (what was supposed to be) a group of fellow executives.

However, upon arrival, a then-29-year-old Dixon noticed that Reid happened to be the only other passenger present.

From there, Reid allegedly asked her to “sit next to him” so that they could discuss a few business matters, but it soon led to the “Too Occasions” artist “playing with her hair” as he forcibly “kissed and penetrated” her with his fingers.

Drew Dixon

Due to the overwhelming shock from the inappropriate event, Dixon opted to (ultimately) take a flight back home. Additionally, she recounted Reid’s advances continuing, with numerous one-on-one invites disguised as “meetings” to his hotel room in Manhattan.

Dixon — who’s known for her work with powerhouses Whitney Houston and Carlos Santana, among others — noted that she tried her best to avoid being in personal settings with Reid while struggling to maintain her much-needed position at that time. Apparently, a cancer diagnosis prompted Dixon’s fight to keep her job title due to fear of losing her health insurance.

But… her refusal to give in to Reid’s propositions (eventually) resulted in Dixon’s promising role in the entertainment field to come to a shifting halt. Dixon was allegedly later attacked by Reid again while riding from an industry event.

L.A. Reid

She accused Reid of abusing his power through retaliation tactics, which included “embarrassing” her in front of associates and denying budget assistance for artists on Dixon’s roster.

She said,

“It was very clear that I was being punished because I would not comply.”

Dixon added that the vicious cycle between her and Reid “stifled” her, urging her to finally depart from Arista Records in 2002.

She briefly opened up about Reid’s unethical practices in the workplace in 2017, when she sat down for an interview to discuss the alleged rape that she endured from Def Jam’s Russell Simmons while working at the label.

Russell Simmons

Dixon’s latest complaint against Reid is under New York’s 2022-enacted law, the Adult Survivors Act, which allows victims over the age of 18 to seek legal justice even after the lapsing of the statute of limitations.

The 53-year-old spoke candidly about her advocacy regarding the new act in an Instagram post last May. She wrote,

“The Adult Survivors Act will set so many people free, and I believe we must celebrate our wins in order to stay in the fight against injustice. Our hard-won victories allow us to remain hopeful in spite of so much darkness.”

Dixon concluded:

“We don’t have to accept toxic masculinity. Rape culture is destructive. Gun culture is destructive. All of these manifestations of the white supremacist patriarchy are destructive, and we can do better.”

This, however, isn’t the first time that Grammy winner Reid has been at the center of sexual assault claims. An assistant at Epic Records outed the previous chairman for similar behavior in 2017 as well.

Born Antonio Marquis Reid, the Ohio native’s run in music began with R&B bands Pure Essence (1973) and The Deele (1981), alongside his producing partner, the legendary Babyface, with whom he went on to launch the famous LaFace Records in 1989.

The iconic corporation is responsible for heavy hitters such as the honorable Toni Braxton, Usher, Donell Jones, TLC, and more.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell