Young Thug’s YSL RICO Trial Officially Starts, Prosecutors Claim Rapper Orchestrated 2015 Shooting Of Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus

Young Thug, Lil Wayne

Young Thug’s YSL RICO Trial Officially Starts, Prosecutors Claim Rapper Orchestrated 2015 Shooting Of Lil Wayne’s Tour Bus

The long-awaited trial for Young Thug has finally started and prosecutors came out the gate swinging.

Today (Nov. 27) Fulton County Chief Deputy District Attorney Adriane Love gave opening statements for the prosecution, which has accused Young Thug, born Jeffery Williams, of being the mastermind behind the alleged street gang YSL. According to Love, “YSL operated as a pact” and Young Thug was their leader whom members referred to as “King Slime.”

She continued,

“They created a crater in the middle of Fulton County’s Cleveland Avenue community that sucked in the youth, the innocence and even the lives of some of its youngest members.”

Prosecutors believe that Thug and other YSL members are responsible for a series of crimes that have taken place in the Atlanta area over the years, including a 2015 shooting incident that involved Lil Wayne — born Dwayne Carter Jr. — and his tour bus. Love stated,

“Dwayne Carter, otherwise known as Lil Wayne, came to town to perform at the Compound while the defendant, Jeffery Williams, was performing in Lil Wayne’s hometown [New Orleans].”

She continued,

“Members of YSL show up at the Compound locked and loaded with guns. Evidence will show that security knew to be on the lookout for members of YSL. The authorities were alerted to ongoing public rifts and back-and-forths between the defendant, Jeffery Williams, and members of his gang and statements being made publicly on social media about, towards, and threatening Dwayne Carter.” 

According to Love, YSL members were not allowed entry into Lil Wayne’s concert as a safety precaution, however, they waited for the event to end, followed Wayne’s tour bus, and unloaded bullets “for nothing, except to show their dominance.”

She added,

“That act was intended to show their solidarity, their willingness to act on the behalf of, their willingness to exact violence upon anyone who threatened the position of the criminal street gang calling itself Young Slime Life.”


As previously reported, in 2015, after leaving a performance at the Compound, Wayne’s tour bus was struck by bullets. Thankfully, no one was hurt but the shooting did cause $20,000 in damages, according to reports. It was speculated that Young Thug was one of the people who called for the shooting, allegedly because supporters of Wayne booed the “Trance” artist off the stage during his performance in New Orleans. At the time, the two rappers were reportedly beefing over Thug’s plans to name his album Carter 6, a (seemingly) shady reference to Wayne’s famed album series.

Lil Wayne

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel