Ari Lennox is Cleaning House, Looking For New Management & Lawyer

Ari Lennox Is Cleaning House, Looking For New Management & Lawyer

What’s going on with singer Ari Lennox‘s team? Apparently the Dreamville starlet is looking to replace both her lawyer and manager. She took to Twitter with this bold rant:


Ari Lennox

She continued:

“I’m so happy to know who truly cares about my well being. It’s d*mn sure not certain people that I thought…People want to be there for the accolades but not the real grind. People love you when you’re the sweet baby doll but not when you’re human. Don’t want no more fake soulless sh*t around me.”

Just weeks ago, she shockingly declared that she was over the music industry, saying that she was done performing live. Ari tweeted:

“After this year I’ll continue to drop music. But I’m not performing anymore outside of ig live or YouTube. God is good. I will pay back what was offered to me but literally I’m too thorough to be playing with my energy. People don’t know what happens behind the scenes.”

But, when her fellow industry newbie, Summer Walker, expressed the same feelings – she, ironically, encouraged her to keep going.

Is there trouble in paradise at Dreamville Records?

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay