Jamie Foxx’s Family & Friends Fear He’s Not Fully Recovered From Medical Scare After Dropping Out Of Game Show, Insider Claims 

Jamie Foxx’s Family & Friends Fear He’s Not Fully Recovered From Medical Scare After Dropping Out Of Game Show, Insider Claims

Loved ones of actor Jamie Foxx are reportedly still very concerned about his health following his extended hospitalization.

According to a recent report from Radar Online, the Oscar winner’s inner circle is worried he has not recovered as well as they believed after he pulled out of his upcoming game show.

As we previously reported, Jamie Foxx 55, was set to star in a musical game series alongside his daughter Corinne Foxx. However, it’s reported the “Strays” star recently dropped out of the project, with fellow actor Antony Anderson and his mother taking their place. The report notes that Corrine was “disappointed” in no longer being able to host the series with her father, but understands that his health should be put above all.

If you recall, Foxx had a lengthy hospital stay earlier this year as he battled an undisclosed health emergency. Though the details of his ailment remain sealed to this day, it’s been reported that the rehab center where he stayed for several months to recover is a facility that specializes in strokes and brain injuries.

While it seemed that the entertainer has been on an upward trajectory, sources close to Foxx’s family suggest that they have a growing worry for him since he opted not to do the game show. Reportedly, an insider stated:

“Jamie pulling out of another project has friends worried that he hasn’t recuperated as well as everyone thinks…He’s struggling, but Jamie has been very private about what happened and his recovery.”

The individual also reportedly shared that despite Foxx’s eagerness to return to work, he’s apparently been very hesitant, adding:

“He may not be at 100 percent, but the last thing he wants is to mess with the progress he has made…He feels better than he has in months…[but] Jamie doesn’t want to risk anything if he doesn’t have to…He’s got a birthday coming up on December 13 and says he wants to celebrate many more.”

Taking a look at his social media page, one would guess that Foxx is ready to get back in action. He recently uploaded a video of himself hurling a football, seemingly suggesting that physically he’s doing much better. However, he hasn’t given any official updates about his health at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson