Young Thug’s Lawyer Claims Rapper’s Stage Name Stands For ‘Truly Humbled Under God’ 

Young Thug’s Lawyer Claims Rapper’s Stage Name Stands For ‘Truly Humbled Under God’

Young Thug’s legal team is pushing back against prosecutors’ claims that the rapper is the leader of a street gang.

Today (Nov. 28) Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, gave opening statements for the defense and explained to the court the meaning behind the entertainer’s stage name.

Young Thug

While addressing the jury and the judge presiding over the YSL RICO trial, Steel mentioned the late Tupac’s definition of Thug Life and related it to the meaning behind Young Thug’s — born Jeffery Williams — name. According to the rapper’s attorney, despite what some may believe, “Thug” actually stands for “Truly Humbled Under God.”

Steel said,

“[But] To Jeffrey, Thug had a different meaning. Now some of you read books about Tupac and what it meant to be Thug Life. Thug Life — The Hate You Give Little Infants F’s Everyone. Meaning discrimination and racism hurts all of us. We teach that to our kids. That was not what Thug meant to Jeffrey.” 

He continued,

“Thug meant and means to Jeffrey something very personal. It was his pact that if he could ever make it as a musical artist and help his family, himself, and as many others out of this aimless cycle of hopelessness, he would be ‘Truly Humbled Under God,’ that’s what Thug means.” 


Steel also addressed claims from the prosecution that Young Thug is the leader of the alleged violent street gang Young Slime Life (YSL). According to Steel, YSL was actually inspired by the clothing brand Yves Saint Laurent and isn’t gang-related at all. If you didn’t know, YSL is the name of Thug’s label, Young Stoner Life Records.

As previously reported, Thug’s high-profile RICO trial kicked off yesterday (Nov. 27) with opening statements from prosecutors. They accused Thug of being the mastermind behind the alleged YSL gang. Prosecutors also claimed that YSL members were responsible for a string of crimes in the Atlanta area, including a 2015 shooting of Lil Wayne’s tour bus.

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely