O’Shea Jackson Speaks Out After Apple TV+ Drops His Series ‘Swagger’ After Two Seasons

O’Shea Jackson Speaks Out After Apple TV+ Drops His Series; ‘Swagger’ After Two Seasons

O’Shea Jackson Jrseems skeptical about low numbers being the reason for show’s cancelation.  

Actor O’Shea Jackson Jr., who got his start portraying the younger version of his famous father, rapper Ice Cubein the 2015 biopic “Straight Outta Compton,” took on his first series role in Apple TV+ original show “Swagger,” a show loosely based on the athletic upbringing of NBA star Kevin DurantUnfortunately for O’Shea Jackson Jr. and the cast, the show’s popularity and star power were not enough to greenlight a third season, and was canned. 

Reportedly, Apple TV’s decision not to move forward with arguably one of the best programs on their roster was allegedly due to low viewership; however, critics were greatly impressed. It was reported that,

“Swagger currently enjoys a strong 93% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes, with the audience score actually exceeding that at 96%. Despite not featuring a radically unique premise or story, the sports drama evidently features filmmaking talents in front of and behind the camera that elevate the material.”

Jackson wasted no time taking to X, formally Twitter, to respond to seemingly debunk claims of minuscule ratings as the cause for removal. Jackson shared,

“D*mn near no promotion. Couldn’t even talk about it when it aired because of the strike. And it still got up to Apple’s Top 4.


“But “the numbers weren’t there.” Right.”

Viewers and fans also shared their thoughts. One said,

“Nah we need the petition, they gotta stop killing quality black shows”

Another replied,

“So we canceling @AppleTV cause like I said #swagger was the only show worth watching”

Others chimed in,

The show’s creator and executive producer, Reggie Rock Bythewood shared the news with followers on Instagram,

“What an amazing adventure,” he wrote. “In our two seasons, we have launched careers, disrupted genre, brought forth humanity through our characters, told stories we care deeply about, revolutionized the way to shoot basketball and had fun.”

No news on whether the series will find a new home or close the chapter for good, but either way, the storyline, talent, and swag seem to have left a lasting impression on those who tuned in.

Kevin Durant has not responded to the announcement.

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