Yung Miami Clarifies Her Relationship Status W/ Diddy, Again: We’re Having The Time Of Our Lives [Together], But We’re Still Single

Yung Miami, Diddy

Yung Miami Clarifies Her Relationship Status W/ Diddy, Again: We’re Having The Time Of Our Lives [Together], But We’re Still Single

Yung Miami (real name Caresha Brownlee) and Diddy are both very much single and very much dating.

During a recent interview, the young rapper, once again, clarified her relationship with business mogul Diddy (real name Sean Combs). While the two are not an official couple as far as labels go, the 28-year-old city girl did make it very clear that she enjoys every moment with her man.

Yung Miami said,

“We are dating. We single, but we’re dating. People don’t know what dating means. He’s single, I’m single, but we’re dating. That’s what I mean when I say we go together. When we’re together, we’re together. We’re having the time of our lives, but we’re still single.”

She continued,

“He see other people outside of me and I see people outside of him. I’m young. I’m dating. I’m, you know, having fun. I’m doing me. He’s doing the same thing. I can’t speak for exactly what he doing or who he seeing, but we single and we dating. But we are dating each other, but we single. I think it just went over people’s heads, you know? People just like to take whatever they wanna take from.”

Diddy & Yung Miami

In response to a quality she knows or likes about her boo that other people may not be aware of, Yung Miami replied:

He’s very funny. He’s supportive and I feel like he brings a different side of me that—I won’t say that I didn’t know that I had—he brings out a better side of me. He dig deeper into me to say, ‘OK, you’re this and you’re that. And you don’t need this, you have that.’ He brings out the better qualities of myself. That’s one thing I love about him. He brings out more confidence in me.”

As previously reported, Miami and Diddy had been romantically linked for quite some time before officially speaking on their relationship during the Caresha Please premiere. The first episode of the City Girls rapper’s show featured none other than her boo, who just so happens to own the network.

Miami asked Diddy,

“So what we is? What you like about me? Like, why you f*cking with a City Girl?”

It was during the episode that she also let the Bad Boys CEO, 52, know that they go together,

“Real bad.”

Following the announcement of her podcast, Diddy also gushed about Miami and shared what he feels she can bring to the world by having her own show. He said,

“Yung Miami is not only a superstar artist she’s also unapologetically herself and brings a perspective women around the world can release to, which is why I’m excited to bring her podcast to life.”

He doubled down on the love he has for his “Shawty Wop” during the episode when she asked him what he liked about her. Diddy replied,

“Cause you authentic. You’re like one of the realest people I’ve ever met. You’re authentically yourself. You’re a great mother. A great friend. You just have a good time.”

It’s worth noting that Miami recently received a Maybach from her man who is not really her man. The GLS-based SUV is reportedly the first mass-produced SUV to sport the exclusive Maybach badge, and has a starting price of $160,500.

In an Instagram celebrating the purchase, Miami said,

“Thank you Papi.”

Yung Miami Maybach x Diddy

The pair also brought 2022 in together and just so happen to stick close together almost any time they appear at the same events. Miami and Diddy‘s ex Gina Huynh even previously exchanged words on social media at one point, after the OnlyFans model shared a photo of Diddy kissing her neck.

Yung Miami, Diddy, Gina Huynh

The young rapper also mentioned her boo in her song “Rap Freaks.” Miami said,

“Took a jet to a private island on a date with Diddy. I like bad boys, no ho shit, Diddy let me put it in your face like them roaches.” 


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Authored by: S. G.