Hydeia Broadbent, One Of The Youngest HIV/AIDS Global Activists, Dies At Age 39 [CONDOLENCES]

Hydeia Broadbent, One Of The Youngest HIV/AIDS Global Activists, Dies At Age 39 [CONDOLENCES]

We are sad to report that Hydeia Broadbent, one of the youngest global HIV/AIDS activists, has passed away. She was 39.

Before her death, Hydeia Broadbent said her goal in life was to educate the world with her personal story of living with HIV. 

In a message written on her website, she shared,

“My life’s mission is met in two folds: first to use my life as a prevention tool for those who are HIV negative to make informed decisions to stay HIV negative, and also for those living with HIV/AIDS to find hope and inspiration to not allow HIV or AIDS to hold them back from living their best life.”

You may remember Hydeia Broadbent appeared on several national television programs such as Oprah and Good Morning America.

She has also inspired millions, including NBA legend Magic Johnson; where at age 7, Broadbent was featured in an emotional TV special for Nickelodeon alongside Magic Johnson, who was diagnosed with HIV in 1991.

In the special called “A Conversation with Magic Johnson,” Broadbent tearfully said,

“I just want people to know that we’re just normal people.”

Magic Johnson responded, 

“Hydeia got HIV by no doing of her own, and so a lot of times we have to get the message out that this is what happens.”

According to multiple reports, Broadbent was born crack-addicted with undiagnosed HIV in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was adopted at 10 months old and diagnosed with HIV at age 3. Doctors told her adoptive parents that she would not live past the age of 5, but she defied all odds when she lived to become the youngest HIV activist and motivational speaker at age 6.

Broadbent recently wrote on her website,

“The world has seen me grow from a gifted little girl to a woman with a passion and mission to make sure each and everyone of us is aware of our HIV status as well as the status of our sexual partners. For those living with HIV/AIDS, please know life is never over until you take your last breath!”

We send our condolences to Broadbent’s loved ones.


Authored by: B Gregory