Miami Dolphin’s Tyreek Hill Accused Of Fathering Two Children By Two Different Women Just Weeks After Marrying His Long Time Girlfriend

Miami Dolphin’s Tyreek Hill Accused Of Fathering Two Children By Two Different Women Just Weeks After Marrying His Long Time Girlfriend

Tyreek Hill’s marital bliss has come to a screeching halt after two women demand paternity tests.  

Tyreek Hill will be returning to the courthouse sooner than he probably anticipated. The Miami Dolphin wide receiver will have to appear before a judge to address not one but two paternity and child support suits. Shortly after saying “I Do” to long-time fiance Keeta Vaccaro, Tyreek Hill was accused of fathering a son and daughter, both born earlier this year. Brittany Lackner and Kimberly Baker claimed that not only is Hill the father of their newborns, but he has also blatantly neglected to take responsibility. 

Reportedly, paternity tests for both children have confirmed that Hill is indeed the father. But, according to recent reports, the athlete requested another test be conducted before he is mandated to make child support payments even though he is voluntarily paying both women $2500 a month. One of Hill’s accusers, Brittany Lackner, alleged that a prenatal paternity test proved that the probability of relation was greater than 99.9 percent. Considering the current amount of money being offered to be “woefully inadequate,” Lackner argued that the baller should be required to cough up more money due to his 30 million dollar annual NFL salary. Hill replied that he was, 

“willing and able to perform parental duties for his minor child should he be determined to be the father.” 

The second woman, Kimberly Baker, claimed that Hill has shown “utter and abject unconcern” for her 6-month-old daughter. Her suit states, 

“The Father has in fact demonstrated utter and abject unconcern for the child in wholly failing to act as a parent and is completely failing to support the child.” 

Reportedly, Baker’s monthly costs to adequately raise her newborn costs upwards of $10,000 a month and is requesting that amount.  

Hill attempted to have both suits dropped, arguing that Lackner’s son was conceived in Kansas, where she lived, before moving to Florida for “strategic purposes.” And that Baker had no grounds to sue for paternity in Florida as she is based in Los Angeles even though he allegedly accepted paternity for both children prior. 

Hill & Lackner

The league’s highest earner currently pays $13,500 in child support for three children, shared with his ex-fiancée Crystal Espinal. Though the former pair were engaged and had a son together, Espinal also had to take Hill to court to prove he was the father of their twins, Nakeem and Nyla. 

Tyreek Hill and Crystal Espinal

Neither Hill nor his new wife have released statements regarding the pending suits. 

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