Cam’ron Finally Meets Up w/ Nia Long More Than A Year After Sliding In Her DM’s

Cam’ron, Nia Long

Cam’ron Finally Meets Up w/Nia Long More Than A Year After Sliding In Her DM’s

Nia Long is once again trending after a recent heartwarming interaction with a fan!

Following a yearlong pursuit, rapper Cam’ron was finally been able to connect with the movie star and shared images from the moment documented on camera.

Apparently Nia Long, 53, and Cam’ron, real name Cameron Ezike Giles, 47, had photo-op during sports agent Rich Paul’s 42nd birthday party this past Saturday (December 16th). The two posed for a picture together while the Dipset member’s photographer snapped a couple of candids, capturing what seems to be their first ever introduction. On Cam’ron’s instagram page, the musician uploaded the images with the caption:

“He want the scoop, she want the tea, I can not talk, we keeping it street!! @iamnialong aka Ni-Amore”

While Long shared a single picture with the caption:

“Nice meeting you @mr_camron Happy Birthday @richpaul”

Cam’ron additionally took the comments section of her post to make it clear that he’s the one honored by the exchange. Long and Cam’ron finally having the chance to meet comes more than a year after he sent her a thoughtful message, shooting his shot following her break-up from long time partner Ime Udoka. If you recall the actress and the basketball coach called it quits after more than a decade together following Udoka getting caught up in a cheating scandal.

Respectfully, Cam’ron waited a couple of weeks before reaching out to the “The Best Man” actress, writing in a lengthy DM:

“Hey stink. I Was giving you some time to yourself til I reached out. Your perseverance as a strong black woman through this turbulent time has been something to behold. You shouldn’t  be taken advantage of and exploited as you did nothing to deserve this. Especially all over these sports networks. You’re bigger and better then that. You’re a queen, and by the way I’m a king.”

And Adding:

“Together we can achieve the greatness we were destine for as a couple. (Une vie a Vivre) that means “we have one life to live” pardon my French lol. As I sit here sipping gazpacho and watching “the best man” I was inspired to reach out, because that’s what I am, the best man for you!! Hope to hear from you soon my Mi- amour or should I say “Ni-amour” 

I leave you with this “the most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely technical.

Until the next time the sun rises and the moon falls “

Earlier this month, the Harlem native revealed that despite his best efforts, Long had not yet responded to his message. During an episode of his podcast with Mase, Cam’ron spoke about initially reaching out to her and made it clear that he was still very much interested if she would open the message. He stated:

“Yo, open your DMs when you get a chance, Nia. It’s still sitting there so you can read it personally.” 

It’s unclear whether or not Long and Cam’ron specifically spoke about the DM, but it seems they – at the very least – had a good time meeting each other. It seems social media users also enjoyed the meet up, with many taking to the internet to share their mostly hopeful reactions.

Do you think we’ll be seeing more of Cam’ron and Nia Long? Leave your prediction in the comments section below! 

Authored by: Kay Johnson