Dave East Reportedly Pepper Sprayed By Montreal Police

DAVE EAST pepper sprayed

Dave East Reportedly Pepper Sprayed By Montreal Police

Dave East might not be performing in Canada again any time soon.

The New York rapper was reportedly pepper sprayed by police after his gig at Le Rouge Bar in Montreal on Tuesday (Dec. 19).

While there’s no indication on why police were called to the location, Dave East can be seen walking away before cops surrounded him and his team in an incident captured on camera.

Footage posted to social media show the Service de police de la Ville de Montreal warning a patron in French that they would be searching everyone there.



Another video reportedly an agitated Dave East and the officers during what appeared to be a non-violent dispute that resulted in pepper spray being thrown into the audience.

Dave East

One individual can be heard saying,

“Oh, they’re pepper spraying.”

Neither East nor the SPVM had addressed the incident.

East can also be seen in the video pouring water into his eyes, then quickly hopping into his car and driving away.

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Authored by: S. G.