Polo G’s Miami Arrest Footage Surfaces, Rapper Berates Police & Tells Cop: You Broke As Hell!

Polo G

Polo G’s Miami Arrest Footage Surfaces, Rapper Berates Police & Tells Cop: You Broke As Hell! 

Polo G’s arrest led to him trolling the arresting officer.

In June 2021, Polo G, 23, was arrested in Miami amid a release party for his album ‘Hall of Fame.’ Chicago rapper Polo G was charged with battery against a police officer. Polo G allegedly attacked a police officer during a traffic stop, leaving the cop with abrasion to the face and a swollen right cheek after he was punched and received elbow strikes to the head. On Thursday (June 7) the bodycam footage from the incident surfaced on the internet. 

The footage reveals an officer documenting information from the rapper’s arrest while Polo G tries to get his attention to troll the officer. 

Polo G said:

“You broke as hell!”

Polo G continued:

“I’m just saying, do you got $10,000 in your bank account right now? Do you got $10,000 in your bank account? I’m just saying bro cause if you die right now for what can you give your kids? If you die right now, what could you give the lady that you in bed with?”

The 23-year-old added:

“What could you give to your momma? Have you ever bought your momma anything? Did you buy your momma a car? Did you buy your momma a house? I did that! I did both of those! You will never accomplish that, ever in your life.”

The officer sarcastically replied:

“I would love to do that one day.”

Polo G clapped back:

“You would love to do it but you never will.”

Bodycam footage also shows the rapper continuing to go off on police when receiving medical attention inside of a precinct. In the footage, Polo G claimed he blacked out after police attacked him. Police denied his claims and called him a liar.

According to reports, Polo G’s mother and manager, Stacia Mac, alleged police racially profiled her son during the incident.

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Authored by: Tsai-Ann Hill