Blac Chyna Reveals Health Complications After Breast Implant Reduction Surgery: ‘It Was Just So Painful’

Blac Chyna Reveals Health Complications After Breast Implant Reduction Surgery: ‘It Was Just So Painful’

Blac Chyna is continuing on her journey of self-improvement in 2024.

As previously reported, last year the socialite openly discussed her journey of changing her life around. In addition to sharing videos of her tattoo removal sessions, Blac Chyna revealed she removed the silicone from her butt and the filler in her face as well.

In a newly posted video, Blac Chyna – who also goes by her legal name Angela White – gave an update on her process to become more natural and shared that she recently endured another breast reduction surgery. She said,

“Yep, I did it again. So, earlier this year, I was like, ‘You know what, I wanna take out my boobs. I’m over it. I’m kinda tired of the fake look they’re too big for my body, too big for my frame and it just doesn’t fit me as a person anymore.'”

According to Chyna, she was advised by her doctor to decrease the size of her breasts over an extended period to avoid having “saggy skin.” Unfortunately, after adjusting her busts from 585cc down to 385cc, Chyna experienced “one of the worst things that could possibly happen.” She continued,

“One of my breasts got encapsulated, and, once again, this is something that can happen whenever you do surgery.”

For those who may be unaware, sometimes following surgery, scar tissue can become unusually hard around the implant, squeezing the implant, which is called capsular contracture.

Chyna, who sported a white bandage around her chest area in the video, added,

“It was just so painful.”

Blac Chyna

A few days before Christmas Chyna went back to her doctor for another round of surgery, this time decreasing her chest area down to 190cc. However, despite her initial goal of fully removing the breast implants, she shared,

“My doctor told me if I don’t do some type of implant, basically, my boobs are just gonna be mush.”

She continued, letting her fans know that plastic surgery can be “expensive” and sometimes require follow-up procedures for upkeep. Chyna then said,

“All in all, though, I’m very very happy and I am excited because now I’m like, part of the Itty Bitty Tittie Committee”


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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel