Update: Tamar Braxton Shares Unseen Footage Of James Wright Chanel’s Injuries After Being Physically Assaulted By Chrisean Rock: ‘Nobody Is Lying On Nobody’

Update: Tamar Braxton Shares Unseen Footage Of James Wright Chanel’s Injuries After Being Physically Assaulted By Chrisean Rock: ‘Nobody Is Lying On Nobody’

Update: (Jan. 2, 2024): We’re only two days into the New Year and the drama has already started.

Tamar Braxton has shared unseen footage from the aftermath of when her backup singer James Wright Chanel was (allegedly) punched in the face by Chrisean Rock. As you may recall, the incident took place a few months ago in November following Tamar’s L.A. concert. The latest update comes after someone recently leaked a video of Chrisean awkwardly interrupting the “Hot Sugar” singer’s pre-show prayer circle hours before reportedly attacking James.

Chrisean has denied punching James, however, in the newly shared video showcasing the injuries James reportedly suffered after the hit, Tamar claimed,

“At this point, it has gotten above and beyond out of control. Nobody is lying on nobody…nobody is trying to get on Zeus…his tooth is chipped. He didn’t chip it himself, [his] nose [is] busted.” 

It’s also important to note that after the footage of the prayer circle incident was leaked, New Black Cinema Productions owner Keinon Pierre revealed that he filmed the video but it was given to TMZ by Tamar’s former employees. In part, he wrote,

“DON’T USE MY FOOTAGE TO STIR THE POT OF DRAMA especially if you distort the quality! @tamarbraxton I am deeply sorry that this footage got out and I would never do anything to tarnish you or your family’s brand and name.”

Original Story: (Jan. 1, 2024): Chrisean Rock’s drama with Tamar Braxton and her team has made it to 2024.

In November Chrisean Rock was accused of attacking Tamar Braxton’s backup singer James Wright Chanel backstage after the “Love and War” artist’s L.A. concert.

Following the incident, people from Tamar Braxton’s team called the “Vibe” artist out for her actions, however, Chrisean Rock has denied the entire ordeal. Today (Jan. 1) the (alleged) physical altercation has made headlines again as unseen footage from the night was leaked. In the short video clip, which seemingly took place before the punching incident, Chrisean appears to abruptly interrupt Tamar Braxton’s pre-show prayer circle with her team and big sister, Toni Braxton.

Toni Braxton

After awkwardly cutting through the circle to stand between Tamar and Toni Braxton, Chrisean can be heard saying “Don’t stop” as she attempts to hold hands with the Braxton sisters. Following a brief pause, Tamar continues to pray, however, Toni looks a bit confused, seemingly refusing to hold hands with Chrisean.

At this time, it’s unclear who exactly shared the newly released footage, however, Tamar has alluded it came from someone who had access to her “sacred” pre-show ritual. The multi-Grammy nominated artist said via X,

“I wasn’t going to say anything because I think that at this point y’all are going to believe whatever you want. And ALL the events that happened was unfortunate.”

The post continued,

“But what is truly DISGUSTING is that my dressing room and prayer is a sacred place and whomever released that can go straight to hell.”

As previously reported, Chrisean was allegedly invited to the November event to show support for fellow Maryland native Tamar, 46. However, the 23-year-old celeb reportedly became upset after she didn’t get a chance to perform. Witnesses have since claimed that James Wright Chanel stepped in to help deescalate the situation and explain to Chrisean that she was never booked to take the stage. However, Chrisean only grew more irate and allegedly punched James Wright Chanel in the face.

Chrisean Rock, James Wright Chanel, Tamar Braxton

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel