Update: Cardi B Says She’s Not Back Together w/ Offset After Revealing They Recently Had Sex: ‘We Need To Work On Our Sh*t’

Cardi B, Offset

Update: Cardi B Says She’s Not Back Together w/ Offset After Revealing They Recently Had Sex: ‘We Need To Work On Our Sh*t’

Update: (Jan. 2, 2024): Cardi B may have had some intimate time recently with her estranged husband Offset but that doesn’t mean they’re back together.

During a live audio chat on X with her fans, Cardi B revealed that she slept with her ex as she addressed rumors that they rekindled their relationship because they brought in the New Year together at a Miami strip club.

She said,

“Let me make this a little bit clearer to you guys because you guys are making y’all assumptions, and I just want you to hear it from the horse’s mouth. Was I clubbing with my baby’s father yesterday? Yes. Did I get d*cked down yesterday? Absolutely, baby. Y’all can use your rose on New Year’s Eve; I need some d*ck on New Year’s Eve.”

Cardi continued, clarifying that despite hooking up with Offset, they are not back together.

“I feel like we was vibing yesterday, we had a good time. We was Henny’d down. We was both in the same club and it was just really awkward. Like, I’m in my section, he’s in his section. It’s like, ‘Man, just f*cking come over here. Just chill, we having a good time. But I feel at the point of where we at in our relationship, we’ve been together for seven years, we’ve been married for seven years. I don’t consider that we’re back together because the answer of getting back together is not a good night at the club and f*cking the night long.”

She added,

“We need to work on our sh*t, we need to work on our communication. There’s things that he gotta work on, there’s things that I gotta work on. Until we work that out, I don’t feel like we’re back together.”


Original Story: (Jan. 1, 2024): There may be hope for Cardi B and Offset’s Relationship after all.

As previously reported, towards the end of 2023, the entertainers’ marriage appeared to hit a rough patch as infidelity and breakup rumors surfaced. Cardi B eventually confirmed she’s no longer with Offset and even blasted her estranged husband on IG live, stating,

“He knows I’m in my house, he knows I’m not doing the most and I’ve really been sparing you. You’ve been f*cking feeling yourself because of your album and sh*t and you’ve really been doing me dirty after so many f*cking years that I helped your *ss, not even a f*cking thank you that I got.”

However, Cardi B and Offset were able to put their differences aside long enough to bring in the New Year together. Video footage has surfaced online of the (former) love birds throwing cash on exotic dancers in a Miami strip club. Their partying together came after they gave separate performances at the Fontainebleau Hotel for New Year’s Eve.

Cardi B and Offset married in September 2017 and they share two children. Offset has other children from previous relationships. Some may be shocked that Cardi B was in such close proximity to her ex last night (Dec. 31) as she recently slammed her fans for claiming they’d reconciled.

Reportedly, the celebs spent Christmas with their children and a few days later after the holiday, a fan spotted them shopping in New York City. Despite them spending time together, Cardi called out her supporters recently for alleging she was back in a relationship with the “Say My Grace” rapper.

She yelled during a live stream:

“Did I confirm anything? shut the f*ck up! I’m bout to delete the whole f*cking social media ‘cause y’all don’t shut the f*ck up!”

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Authored by: Twila-Amoure McDaniel