Rapper Meek Mill Shares The Wealth, Gets Money Happy At Miami Strip Club

Meek Mill Walking Into KOD_thejasminebrand

Meek making it rain_thejasminebrand

Must. Be. Nice. When you have money to blow, why not–right? MMG Rapper Meek Mill shut popular Miami strip club, King of Diamonds, down literally. This week, the Philly rapper was spotted tossing money, poppin’ bottles and hopping on the mic for exotic dancers, party-goers and onlookers (like myself who couldn’t fathom losing more than $100 anywhere). Peep the pix and take out your calculators!

Meek Mill Walking In_thejasminebrand

Meek holding Stacks_thejasminebrand

Meek Mill and Sam Sneak_thejasminebrand

Meek Mill in KOD_thejasminebrand



Meek Mill Mink and Tokyo_thejasminebrand



Meek on the mic 2_thejasminebrand



Meek on the Mic 3_thejasminebrand



Meek throwing money 2_thejasminebrand
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