Update: Tyler Perry Will Still ‘Honor The Commitment’ Made To Build New Home For 93-Year-Old Woman, Who Was Fighting Land Developers Trying To Take Her Property, After She Passes Away

Tyler Perry, Josephine Wright

Update: Tyler Perry Will Still ‘Honor The Commitment’ Made To Build New Home For 93-Year-Old Woman, Who Was Fighting Land Developers Trying To Take Her Property, After She Passes Away

Update: (Jan. 10, 2024): Tyler Perry is a man of his word.

In a post shared to Instagram, the billionaire spoke on the recent passing of 93-year-old Hilton Head Island resident Josephine Wright and revealed that he still plans to keep his promise of building a home for her and her family. In part, he wrote,

“Ms. Josephine Wright, even though we spoke by phone, I was so looking forward to meeting you in person next month to hand you the keys to your new house, but God had other plans.
My prayer is that you rest in peace knowing that I will honor the commitment that I made to you.
I know you will be watching over us all as I hand those same keys to your family.”

For those who may need a refresher, Wright made headlines last summer as news broke that she was fighting corporate land developers trying to force her to sell her land, which had been in her family since the end of the Civil War.

Reportedly, the company, Bailey Point Investment Group, presented Wright with a lowball offer of only $39,000 and allegedly proceeded to harass her when she expressed she wasn’t interested in their deal. In addition to being one of the celebs who donated to Wright’s initial GoFundMe set up by her family for legal fees, Tyler Perry took his generosity a step further and promised to build a brand new home for Wright and her loved ones.

In October 2023, he purchased a plot of land on behalf of Wright to build a 5-bedroom home for the elderly woman, reports claim.


Original Story: (Oct. 17, 2023): Media mogul Tyler Perry is aiding one woman’s fight against corporate land developers in a huge way.

According to reports, the filmmaker has already secured additional property for the woman with plans in motion to build her a brand-new home.

Tyler Perry

Reportedly, Tyler Perry purchased land on behalf of Josephine Wright amid her financial struggle to hold on to her house that she says has been in her family since the Civil War era. Inside sources close to the billionaire report that he’s building the woman a new 5-bedroom home for her and her grandchildren, and is securing the final permits before construction begins. Back in June of this year, Perry posted about Wright to his Instagram page after she appeared in a news special discussing her war against Bailey Point Investment Group, vowing to help in any way possible.

As we previously covered, Wright’s issue began after the development company was approved by the city of Hilton Head, South Carolina to construct properties around her home, where she’s lived for the past 30 years. The woman says that reps from the company came and gave her a lowball offer of $39,000, which she staunchly rejected. Subsequently, Wright claimed that she experienced intimidation and harassment tactics to pressure her into selling before being sued by the company.

Despite being faced with terrible odds, Wright and her family took her story to the media, which proved to be more than lucrative. Not only did the family raise hundreds of thousands to support her legal battle, but a host of celebs were also made aware of the situation and joined her cause. NBA star Kyrie Irving became one of Wright’s biggest donors, shelling out $40,000 to the fundraiser.

Reportedly, a September update about the home shared that a tree had fallen on the roof, opening a large hole in the house. It’s safe to guess this could possibly be the reason Perry opted to spring for a new house altogether. However, this is unconfirmed as he has not spoken publicly about the matter at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson