Kyrie Irving Gifts $40,000 To 93-Year-Old Woman Fighting Land Developers Who Sued Her After She Rejected Offer To Purchase Her Property

Kyrie Irving, Josephine Wright

Kyrie Irving Gifts $40,000 To 93-Year-Old Woman Fighting Land Developers Who Sued Her After She Rejected Offer To Purchase Her Property

NBA star Kyrie Irving continues to be a champion of charity!

The hooper appeared as a top donor back in June for the GoFundMe of a Hilton Head woman named Josephine Wright, who is aggressively fighting corporate land developers trying to force her to sell her land.

In the bio of the GoFundMe page, Josephine Wright’s granddaughter Charise Graves explains her family is in need of more than $350,000 to ensure the 93-year-old will not lose her home. According to the family, Wright has owned and paid taxes on the South Carolina property for the last 30 years with no issues.

Once development company Bailey Point Investment purchased all the surrounding land, however, Graves says her grandmother has been the victim of continuous intimidation and harassment tactics after rejecting their lowball offer of $39,000 for the property. Reportedly, her house sits right in the middle of the 147-home subdivision Bailey Point is currently building. Graves wrote on the GoFundMe page:

“My name is Charise Graves, granddaughter to Mrs. Josephine Wright, and I am reaching out to you today because my 93-year-old grandmother, a resident of Hilton Head Island, SC for over 30 years, is in desperate need of your help. Bailey Point Investment, a greedy land development company, is trying to take her property away from her as her land is situated right in the middle of their new residential subdivision, currently under construction.”


“This land has been in our family since the end of the Civil War and she has poured her heart and soul into maintaining the property for herself and her family to enjoy for generations to come.”

Further in the bio, Graves says that after refusing to sell the home, Wright’s house and car began to get covered in dust from falling trees and construction, her car tires were flattened, and she once found a snake hanging on her window. To make matters worse, Bailey Point reportedly sued Wright, back in February, alleging her screened-in porch, shed, and satellite dish encroach on its property. Graves notes that Wright has already shelled out $2,000 to remove the shed, and says the remaining property is at least 22ft away from the road Bailey Point owns. Additionally, the company is reportedly challenging Wright’s ownership and is seeking damages against her, reportedly adding in the suit they’re after:

“just and adequate compensation for its losses, inconveniences, aggravation, unnecessary expenditures of time and efforts and disruptions.”

However, Wright has since filed a countersuit. The legal docs reportedly claim that Bailey Point has deployed:

“a consistent and constant barrage of tactics of intimidation, harassment, trespass, to include this litigation in an effort to force her to sell her property.”


“Wright…has been deprived of the peaceful enjoyment of her property, her property has been damaged and she has been threatened,”

Graves says the money raised will be used to cover legal fees, property taxes, and fencing that will be put around the home to separate Wright from the developing community. Thus far, the donation page has had more than 4,500 donations, totaling over $250,000. Along with Irving, celebs such as Tyler Perry, Will Packer, Meek Mill, and Fantasia Burrino have also shared their support of Wright’s cause. Perry reposted a video of the land owner’s local news report, writing in the caption:

“I’ve pretty much been a fighter all my life” said 93 year old Josephine Wright. Well, that makes two of us. Ms. Wright, please tell where to show up and what you need to help you fight. 

For Irving, the public donation and support of a worthy cause aren’t anything new. As we covered back in November, the 31-year-old gave $100,000 to the GoFundMe’s of Shanquella Robinson and Devin Chandler. If you recall, both were tragically killed in unrelated incidents that broke the hearts of many everywhere.

With the help of major donors such as Irving, however, their families were, at the very least, able to find some sort of relief from the financial burden of losing a loved one. Appreciation for financial assistance can be certainly said for Wright, who shared a heartfelt video thanking everyone who’s helping her in her relentless fight for justice.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson