Wiz Khalifa Says He Would Never Mistreat Ex-Wife Amber Rose To Make Any Other Woman ‘Feel Better’ About Their Co-Parenting Bond: ‘I’m Gonna Be Good To Her’

Wiz Khalifa Says He Would Never Mistreat Ex-Wife Amber Rose To Make Any Other Woman ‘Feel Better’ About Their Co-Parenting Bond: ‘I’m Gonna Be Good To Her’

There’s clearly no love lost between former couple Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose!

In a recent interview, rapper Wiz Khalifa opened up about the unbreakable bond that he shares with the mother of his son, fellow artist/model Amber Rose.

Wiz Khalifa

When speaking about his platonic relationship with Amber Rose, he elaborated on the difficulties they face when having to explain it to their romantic partners.

Wiz Khalifa said,

“I’m super duper open about the boundaries that me and Amber have. I think it’s probably difficult for anything that she deals with, too, because we’re so vocal about the love that we have for each other.”

The ‘Multiverse’ lyricist then expressed how he feels their “powerful” personalities play a part in (seemingly) scaring potential lovers off as well.

He added,

“They gon’ be like, ‘Oh, you’ll always go back to him, or he can call you right now and you’ll just go running. And that might or might not be the case, but if [Amber’s] focused on you… at the time, that’s not the conversations that y’all need to be having.”

Amber Rose

Apparently… the same happens for Khalifa, too, who made it clear that he’ll never kick Rose to the curb for anyone. Instead, he’d prefer if the next lovely lady in his life embraced the dynamic.

The 36-year-old proceeded,

“The same thing [goes for] me… where it’s like… I’m not gonna mistreat her to make any woman feel better. So, if you expect me to, you know, bad-mouth her or keep a conversation short with her or not, you know, laugh when I’m on the phone with her. [laughs] Just simple sh*t! It’s like, we gon’ have a f*cking problem because I’m gonna be good to her.”

He concluded:

“That’s just something that–not that you’re just gonna have to accept but–you’re gonna have to really enjoy that. You’re gonna have to want that for me. You know what I mean? That’s gonna have to make you happy, too. It might be hard, it might be difficult. I understand that you feel like this and you could think these things, but… you know, it’s up to me to put that confidence back there.”


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Elsewhere in the conversation, Khalifa gushed about how good of a woman and mother to their little one Rose is, which has made their co-parenting setup easier.

Reminiscing on why he initially fell in love with her, he bragged,

“I think Amber’s a good girl. She’s just a sweet person. That’s why I originally, you know, fell in love with her and wanted to start a family with her. Because I see all of those qualities in her.”

The Pittsburgh native furthered:

“Us not working out in a relationship doesn’t mean that we’re not still great people. We’re just great partners right now.”

Amber Rose & son

Rose and Khalifa married in 2013 but later split. Together, they share one son, Sebastian.

It’s good to see that they’re in a healthy space!


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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell