Ciara Kicks Off Weight Loss Journey After Giving Birth: 48 Pounds To Go!


Ciara Kicks Off Weight Loss Journey After Giving Birth: 48 Pounds To Go!

It looks like Ciara is ready to snap back after giving birth to her third child, Win Harrison Wilson. 

The singer/songwriter announced on Instagram Monday (Aug. 24) that she is all set to start her weight loss journey and has a goal of dropping 48 pounds. She shared a selfie with the caption:

“48lbs to go! Starting the game plan tomorrow!!”

She confessed that she doesn’t know how things will go considering she just had her third baby.

“P.s. don’t know how easy it’s going be considering 3 baby’s now! Going to work really hard at this! Let’s go Mamma’s”

Still, it’s safe to say she put in work even before giving birth as she filmed scenes for her music video “Rooted” just days before going into labor. She also shared that she was still working on the song while in labor. 

She said in a behind-the-scenes clip for the video:

“I was so proud of the process because I shot the video two weeks away from delivery for one part, and then I shot the other part just two days out. I probably could only do each take for like two minutes and then I needed to take a break. It also felt good working on it while knowing I was about to give birth to my newest angel, I was still grinding, and making it all happen at the same time.”

She continued:

“Even down to literally being in labor, having to give approvals for the song to make the deadlines — it was just an incredible experience that I will forever cherish.”

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