Comedian Pretty Vee Seemingly Responds To Claims From Rick Ross’ Girlfriend That Her Previous Relationship w/ Rapper Was Never That Serious: ‘All I Can Do Is Laugh’

Comedian Pretty Vee Seemingly Responds To Claims From Rick Ross’ Girlfriend That Her Previous Relationship w/ Rapper Was Never That Serious: ‘All I Can Do Is Laugh’

If “my man, my man, my man” was a person, it would be Rick Ross’ new boo, Cristina Mackey!

During a recent sit-down with ‘The Cali Kickback’ podcast, artist/influencer Cristina Mackey opened up about her new relationship with celebrated rapper Rick Ross.

Cristina Mackey, Rick Ross

Amid the now-viral conversation, Cristina Mackey revealed that she’d been a fan of Rick Ross for some time and credited their connection to the “Universe” simply doing its thing.

When asked how she’d met the 47-year-old, she shared,

“Right time and right space, you know? Right. [The] Universe crossed our paths. Like, it wasn’t a specific scenario.”

The 27-year-old continued:

“So, [to] take it back a little, Rick Ross is my favorite rapper. And if you know me, if you’ve worked with me [you know that]. My producer, Mannie [and everybody else]…  when the news dropped, they were all like, ‘Bro! The way you’ve talked about him over the years!'”

Mackey added,

“I never seen myself dating Rick Ross ’cause I just… I don’t know if I manifested that magnitude, right? But I was reading my journal, and I was always just saying like, you know, ‘My husband’s gonna be a boss!’ So, the word ‘boss,’ it’s like nobody else you can apply it to the way he’s a boss.”

Rick Ross

She furthered:

“It’s just dope because I’ve spoken him up into existence in so many different ways… to the point where, you can’t ask me, ‘How did you guys cross paths?’ ‘Cause it’s been years of–I think–just us desiring something special that just conjugated what we have.”

Later in the episode, host Lewis Belt mentioned the hoopla surrounding Ross’ ex, comedienne Pretty Vee. If you didn’t know, suspicions of a fling between Ross and Pretty Vee heightened in 2021.

Although the pair remained low-key, they were spotted together a few times and even dropped hints in old interviews about their then-steamy romance.

Following Mackey and Ross’ sudden “Instagram popout” last month, the internet wasted no time asking about Pretty Vee’s whereabouts. However, the ‘Wild ‘N Out’ star (seemingly) made it clear that she and Ross were a thing of the past in an online skit.

The viral reel showed the Florida native throwing away a box of the lyricist’s franchised restaurant, Wingstop, with B2K’s “Why’d You Leave Me On Christmas” playing in the background.

In response to the remarks about Vee’s former situation with Ross, Mackey told Belt,

“It doesn’t make me feel any way at all. I think it’s funny. It’s levels to everything, right? And that was never this. Whatever they had is not what we have. Simple. [laughs] You know? It’s no disrespect to anybody, but whatever y’all think they had is not what we fasho have. It’s just not! So, I’m not worried about it.”

Pretty Vee

Denying that Ross and Vee ever went public “officially,” she expanded:

“Where’s the pictures of them holding hands and them kissing and them on the jet together and them in Dubai and her on the billboard? Like, where’s that at? Where’s the flowers? Where’s all that? Y’all seen it? No, but like… while we’re on the topic, though, like… show me where he did that with anybody.”

Of course, not long after Mackey’s comments, Vee appeared to have clapped back in an Instagram Story.

She wrote,

“All I can do is LAUGH.”

Meanwhile, Vee isn’t the only one Mackey seems to have “beef” with. She and Ross’ baby’s mother, Tia Kemp, have been engaged in a virtual back-and-forth lately.

The feud (seemingly) arose after Kemp downed Mackey’s cooking skills when she posted that she’d made tacos for Ross.

She said in one clip,

If I say a b*tch can’t make a taco, b*tch you can’t make a taco!”

Elsewhere in the broadcast, Kemp blurted:

“B*tches can’t even make [spaghetti]. How you can’t make [spaghetti] or a [taco], h*e?”

She then claimed that Ross and Mackey blocked her as she told Ross to stop messing with people his children’s age:


Mackey eventually addressed the part of her interview with Belt where she admitted to living with Ross.  Replying to a viewer who spewed backlash for her decision, she appeared to have accused Kemp of creating burner accounts to taunt her.

Mackey said,

“If you lived with your man, you wouldn’t be on my page, on a fake account, at forty-something years old. You know what I’m saying? You would just be minding your business. ‘Cause it’s the same person making the fake accounts.  You know? But I wish love on you, and I wish happiness on you, too.”


Unfortunately, it didn’t end there. Kemp has since called Mackey “Tweety Bird.”

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell