Ari Lennox Threatens To Sue Joe Budden After He Criticizes Her For Publicly Sharing Frustrations Over Unpleasant Rod Wave Tour: ‘This Man Has Never, Ever In His Life Validated The Truth’

Ari Lennox, Joe Budden

Ari Lennox Threatens To Sue Joe Budden After He Criticizes Her For Publicly Sharing Frustrations Over Unpleasant Rod Wave Tour: ‘This Man Has Never, Ever In His Life Validated The Truth’

R&B songstress Ari Lennox is considering taking legal action against Joe Budden.

The 32-year-old went live recently to respond to critical remarks the podcaster made about her and made it clear that she’s not afraid to take things to the court in order to prevent him from speaking about her any further.

Ari Lennox

The drama between the two entertainers began following a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. During one segment Joe Budden, 43, and his co-hosts shared their opinions on Ari Lennox recently dishing about her ill experience touring with rap star Rod Wave. As we previously reported, the “Shea Butter Baby” singer was an opening act for Rod Wave’s 3-month “Nostalgia” tour last year and stated that the gig was one of the “worst of her life” because the audience simply wasn’t there to hear her kind of music. She even had someone throw something at her while on stage.

While Lennox did garner support for the situation from fellow R&B professionals such as Tank and Jermaine Dupri, it seems Joe Budden had a much different opinion. On his show, the commentator slammed her for being ungrateful for even having the opportunity to tour in the first place and expressed his opinion that if she had a problem with the situation, she should have taken it up with her team and left it off social media. He stated:

“It is somebody’s job somewhere to figure out, how to advance Ari Lennox…I just don’t like you grabbing your phone to tell the audience how miserable you were when you didn’t tell your team, or you told them and they didn’t really care. If I gotta hear all about the self improvement then I don’t want to hear about you being a victim…either self improve and heal on your f*cking own, I don’t have to hear every little step you take.”

Eventually, Lennox caught wind of his comments. In response, the musician went on an insult-riddled rant, condemning Budden for giving his unsolicited opinions about her, and shared her intention to sue him should the perceived ridicule continue. She stated:

“I don’t know what Joe’s gross a** said but…I don’t know how much more I can take. Next time I’m going to sue his disgusting, most likely limp-dick a**. I’m literally at the wits’ end with this stalker,”

She continued:

“I don’t understand why he’s so obsessed…he’s weird and he’s gross, he has smoke mouth. He’s disgusting. And he’s a failure like Drake said…I can never just express what’s going on with me without him coming from behind…the landfill that he lives in to say something…This man has never, ever in his life validated the truth…he just loves to oppose everybody…he’ll never acknowledge the truth. I can’t ever just talk to my people without him just being psychotic.”

Lennox went on to ponder dropping “20k to sue him just because,” further expressing her frustrations about being a topic on Budden’s show. She also suggested the media personality has a problem with Black women, and shouted out Budden’s former co-host and former friend Rory for always being “a real one.” She added:

“It’s just embarrassing…of Joe to hate Black women so much it’s embarrassing. Rory been a real one…been down for Black people been down for Black women…how embarrassing,”


It does not seem that Lennox nor Budden has made any further comments at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson