Ari Lennox Curses Audience Member Out For Throwing Water Bottle At Her During Performance: ‘I’m A Real-A** B*tch & I Will F*ck Your Sh*t All The Way The F*ck Up’

Ari Lennox Curses Audience Member Out For Throwing Water Bottle At Her During Performance: ‘B*tch, Don’t F*cking Play w/ Me!’

Ari Lennox is not the one… or the two!

On Wednesday (Nov. 29), rapper Rod Wave’s “Nostalgia Tour,” which features songstress Ari Lennox, Toosii, G Herbo, and Eelmatic, stopped in Inglewood, California at the Kia Forum.

Ari Lennox

However, although we can safely say that Ari Lennox (definitely) had the crowd going crazy, this time, it wasn’t so much in a good way… unfortunately.

While performing her hit single “Pressure,” an audience member took it upon themselves to toss (what appeared to be) a water bottle on stage amid the 32-year-old’s set.

After introducing the song during her opening segment, Lennox noticed the object flying in her direction and said,

“B*tch! Don’t f*cking play with me! Stop that sh*t! I’ll f*ck you up!”

She continued, walking toward the other side of the platform in search of the unidentified individual:

“Who did it? Who the f*ck did it? Who the f*ck did it? I’ll f*ck your a** up! ‘Cause I don’t play that, I’m a real-a** b*tch, and I will f*ck your sh*t all the way the f*ck up!”

Ari Lennox

Of course, Lennox was then accompanied by the security guard, who attempted to de-escalate the situation, but to no avail. The “Shea Butter Baby” phenomenon proceeded,

“Don’t you ever disrespect a beautiful, Black woman on the f*cking stage like that! I will f*cking f*ck you up! That’s the f*ck right! Who did it, b*tch?”

Assuming that the “suspect” was finally spotted, Lennox furthered by encouraging them to step to her. She yelled:

“Come here, b*tch! Come here! Let’s do it! Come here, b*tch! You a p*ssy! That’s right, you could never be as good as a p*ssy! That’s right! That’s right, b*tch!”

Seconds before the venue (seemingly) cut the Washington, D.C. native’s microphone off, she expanded with,

“You’re dumb! You’re weak!”

Ultimately, after popping off for a few more seconds, Lennox abruptly closed her portion of the show by walking off the stage as confusing cheers erupted from fellow concertgoers.


As of right now, it’s unknown as to why (exactly) the person felt the need to throw a container at the talented singer, but many are speculating that it was a Rod Wave fan’s attempt at hurrying her off so that the “Great Gatsby” rapper could come out.

Due to the blatant disrespect, social media raced with opinions, voicing their thoughts on Rod Wave’s demographic not necessarily being a match for those of Lennox’s. From the looks of it, this isn’t the first time the lyricist’s fan base has gotten sassy with the “BMO” artist.

Rod Wave

An X user wrote,

“i’m so irritated with Roc Wave fans, they’ve literally been disrespecting ari lennox throughout the tour so far. & he’s been so quiet, like check your weird behind ppl.”

Another viewer added:

“i hate that people are not respecting ari lennox on this tour.. like rod wave is cool for letting her be up there with him but his audience is not it for her. they need to stop playing with sis.”

Additionally, attendees (evidently) had reservations about Lennox’s placement on the road run before the incident.

A poster on X previously cited,

“Last night at the [Rod Wave] concert, ari lennox was performing [and] my daughter says ‘mama, is this old school? It’s so boring they need to bring the new school out.'”

Someone else, who (seemingly) attended a concert on the “Nostalgia Tour,” also said:

“I wish [I] knew more Ari Lennox songs, she was boring until she performed pressure but she definitely had stage presence.”

So far, Rod Wave has yet to speak out on the matter, and Lennox has been silent online as well.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell