Nicki Minaj Suggests Megan Thee Stallion Asked Producers Not To Clear Beat For Forthcoming Single ‘Big Foot’ + Says She Has Receipts To Back Up Claims She Will Make On The Record

Nicki Minaj, Megan Thee Stallion

Nicki Minaj Suggests Megan Thee Stallion Asked Producers Not To Clear Beat For Forthcoming Single ‘Big Foot’ + Says She Has Receipts To Back Up Claims She Will Make On The Record

The Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion beef presses on to day 3.

Yesterday, the self proclaimed ‘queen of rap’ took to her X account (formerly Twitter), announcing plans to release her new single “Big Foot”.

According to the post, the song is supposed to be dropping today (Sunday January 28th) at 3pm PST. The announcement also included a screenshot of Megan Thee Stallion, real name Megan Pete, 28, crying during her interview with Gayle King back in 2022. The image seems to suggest the song will be a response to the Houston native’s recent release “HISS”. As we’ve been covering, Nicki Minaj, real name Onika Tanya Maraj, 41, clearly took offense to the song due to a line where Megan seemingly alluded to her husband Kenneth Petty’s ongoing sex offender situation.

However, it seems that Minaj’s roll out of the single might not go as planned. The “Pink Friday” artist accused her current nemesis of allegedly getting the record’s beat producer Juju, who is a frequent collaborator of Megan’s, to prevent the song from being cleared. She wrote in a series of X tweets:

“Apparently We waiting on Lil Juju to clear that beat that I’ve had for 6 years chi. Juicy J said that’s who “mainly” produced so now that’s who we gotta go through. Hmmmm *Thinks* You be the judge of what’s happening. ~Onika ~Roman”

Nicki Minaj

Referring to a snippet of the single she released after Megan’s song dropped, Minaj added:

“They were soooooo excited for me to use the beat b4 Got the receipts to prove that too. Wonder what happened? Get up on your good foot when that hard???!!! Off a IG LIVE????? Nah son. @ juju yall.”

Producer Juju seemingly responded to the situation. Without tagging any names or addressing the matter directly, he uploaded a meme in the midst of the situation that had the caption “ahh…nah”, to which Minaj reposted with nothing but laughing emoji’s.

The rap star went on to unleash a hurl of assaults aimed at Megan following the tweet, accusing her of being afraid of competition and claiming she urged the producer not to clear the beat. Addressing the matter while also mentioning Megan’s friendship breakup with her ex best friend Kelsey, for allegedly sleeping with Tory Lanez, Minaj wrote in one upload:

“The b*tch ain’t get streamed in 84 years. Her team don’t want me to drop b/c they know those numbers gon embarrass her lying lypo a**. and SHE know I got proof of what SHE DID! And after how she allowed HER BEST GIRL FRIEND TO BE BULLIED, ATTACKED & RIPPED TO SHREDS WHILE KELSEY WAS PREGNANT W/HER FIRST CHILD??? After she had F*CKED HER BEST FRIEND MAN?!???!! IT WASNT ENOUGH?!? But this is y’all girl’s girl right? Any MOTHER taking this woman’s side may GOD STRIKE YOU DOWN. Don’t want me to drop b/c she gotta have a ghost writing session for another week to get back to me! I had the song/beat for 6 years. Not like a hit JUJUEATD*CK for SH*T! What a scary a** btch. Yikes.”

Megan Thee Stallion

She added in another:

“They said I was winning b/c I had no competition.  Now these btchs so weak, they want NO competition. I’ve seen a lot of weak sh*t in my career but never in my life seen a big foot call btchs p*ssy, say they won’t respond, then tell her producer & mngmnt not to approve the beat… All b/c she can’t stand to have real comp. This ho is officially THEE WEAKEST HO that I’ve seen THUS FAR. #LyinLypo #PinkFriday2 Any btch that fuk her friend man is a jealous insecure BITTER FUNKY BUTT C*M RAG.”

She also stated:

“You scary a** p*ssy a** broke ass heaux. Scared of me putting a song out but tryna spar with the mthfkng QUEEN. lied on yo DEAD @theestallion”

In another post, Minaj claimed that she has receipts and several other songs waiting, seemingly for Megan, in case she attempts to deny the things she will speak on in the coming single. She wrote:

“After the 1st one drop, if dat p*ssy a** hoe so much as BREATHE wrong ima empty da clip. If that p*ssy a** hoe deny 1THING I say, I’m posting every fkn receipt known to man. 5. Yes you heard me! Did 5 extra songs. we’ve been waiting on u HO. Play #PinkFriday2 NON STOP barbz. LuvU

At this time, it doesn’t seem that Megan has engaged at all past the release of her song. Minaj ended her rant by seemingly suggesting she’ll be taking another route as far as the new single’s beat. She wrote:

“Good Day, #GagCity I’ll also release the a capella so other producers all around the world can make their own beat to #BigFoot The Generous Queen will ALWAYS remain generous.”

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Authored by: Kay Johnson