Chris Brown Addresses Artists Still Not Wanting To Collab W/ Him Due To His Controversial Past: It’s All Good, They’ll See


Chris Brown Addresses Artists Still Not Wanting To Collab W/ Him Due To His Controversial Past: It’s All Good, They’ll See

Chris Brown may be credited as one of the most influential and commercially successful R&B artists in history, but that doesn’t mean things always work out in his favor.

During a recent appearance on Power 106 LA, the “Take You Down” singer opened up about still receiving “Nos” this far in his career, as well as artists not getting back to him for collaborations. Chris Brown said,

“Because of my success right, and I’ve been able to sustain that and have an amazing fan base, people don’t get to see the ‘Nos’ that I get.”

He continued,

“But then it’s like, I don’t try to put that in the front of my mind or the back of my mind, I just go through it. Because at the end of the day, as long as I’m able to do what I’m doing, it’s music and being able to inspire people, I be like ‘cool, it’s all good. They’ll see.”

In response to whether he feels as though he compares to NBA star LeBron James as one of the most loved—but also most hated—individuals in their perspective careers, Chris Brown said,

“The love, for me, outweighs it anyway. But I think, for anybody, say for instance, it was a point where I used to delete comments on my Instagram for like two years. And it’s only because I just didn’t want to ingest any negative anything. Then I had to just, harden my shell, and I be like ‘I don’t care at this point.”

Brown said he no longer wastes his time trying to respond to the negative comments. Instead, he focuses his energy on his fans and the people who spend time showing up for him. He added,

“That means more to me, I have way more an abundance of love.”

The “WE (Warm Embrace)” singer released the video for the track on Tuesday, June 21, which included singer Normani as his love interest. Normani has since been facing backlash for her role in the video, with critics questioning her support for women who have been victims of violence.

Normani, Chris Brown

Normani, Chris Brown

Brown had a number of contentious incidents earlier in his career, including a domestic conflict with Rihanna, 34, his then-girlfriend. On February 8, 2009, he left Rihanna with obvious face injuries that necessitated hospitalization. While the popular couple never rekindled their relationship, they have both since moved on and it appears the “Man Down singer” has forgiven her former lover.

Brown has a 20-year career that includes singing, songwriting, dancing, and acting. His new album, “BREEZY”, is set to be released soon and includes features from Blxst, Lil Wayne, WizKid and Ella Mai.

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Authored by: S. G.