Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Says Singer Has Been Paying Less Than Half Of Child Support

Tyrese, Samantha Gibson

Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Samantha Gibson Files 3rd Motion Against Him For Allegedly Once Again Failing To Pay Child Support

R&B singer Tyrese is being accused of not following through on a court ordered financial obligation.

According to Radar Online, the entertainer’s ex-wife Samantha Lee Gibson recently submitted a court motion against, claiming he has not been paying child support in full for their daughter.

Samantha Lee Gibson & daughter

Reportedly, Samantha Lee filed for contempt against Tyrese, as the “Fast & Furious” star has allegedly been shorting her on child support payments. It’s reported that the social media personality is supposed to be receiving $10,690 in monthly aid for their shared daughter Soraya, 4. However, Samantha claims that Tyrese has been paying less than half of the court ordered amount over the past two months.


At this time, it has not been reported that Tyrese has responded in court to his ex-wife’s claims. However, the report notes that this isn’t the first nor second time she’s taken legal action against him over the matter. Last March, Samantha reportedly filed her first motion against Tyrese over child support, leading to the court holding him in “willful contempt”, and ordering him to cough up the money. The ruling was short lived in the singer’s eyes it seems as Samantha was reportedly back in court that July over the same situation. If you recall, Samantha was first awarded the hefty sum back in 2022 following a nasty custody battle.

In the aftermath of their divorce in 2022, Samantha and Tyrese went at each other quite a bit. She accused him of putting her and their daughter out on the street while he accused her of only marrying him for financial gain. During a podcast interview with Joe Budden a few months back, Tyrese was very vocal about his opposition to paying his ex over $10,000 monthly, arguing that they didn’t even spend that kind of money to care for Soraya while they were together.

It appears he’s since positioned himself to take matters into his own hands by just refusing to pay the amount. It’s noted in the report that along with contempt, Samantha is also seeking the court to order Tyrese to cover her attorney fees as well as pay interest on the unpaid portion of the child support that has accrued. It does not appear that either of them have spoken publicly about the situation at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson