Gayle King Says A Man Once Asked For A $4,000 Loan To Handle ‘Child Support Issues’ After 2 Months Of Dating: ‘He Paid Me Back, But I Didn’t Feel The Same’

Gayle King Says A Man Once Asked For A $4,000 Loan To Handle ‘Child Support Issues’ After 2 Months Of Dating: ‘He Paid Me Back, But I Didn’t Feel The Same’

Dating is no walk in the park for anyone, including celebrities.

Famed media personality Gayle King recently opened up about her journey to find love again and shared an interesting dating experience that seemingly left her uncomfortable.

Gayle King

Gayle King, 69, told the story during a recent sit-down with The Pivot Podcast hosts Ryan Clark, Fred Taylor and Channing Crowder. The group was speaking on the topic of dating, which prompted the award-winning broadcaster to explain the cringe story. She stated during the conversation:

“I went on a date. I was really excited…We’d gone out maybe two months and then he said he really needed to talk to me. He wanted to have a private conversation…[he said,] ‘Do you think you could lend me $4,000?’ I’m like, oh God”

Adding about her bff Oprah Winfrey:

“You know what Oprah said, ‘God, I would have felt better if he had said $40,000.” 

King went on to share how the situation warped her perspective of the individual, especially upon finding out what he needed the hefty loan for. She continued:

“I was so crushed because he was somebody who was making, you know, six figures, successful. And when I said, you know, could I ask what it’s for? He said, Yeah, it was for a child support issue and to pay a payment on some furniture. [And I said to myself] ‘Oh God, this is just getting worse.’” 

The media personality said that the individual did keep his promise to pay her back a few days later, but admitted she no longer felt “the same” about him following the interaction. She stated:

“He did pay be back…but I didn’t feel the same…it just changed the relationship for me” 

King went on to answer the question she was originally asked that kicked off the discussion, making it clear that even for her, “dating is difficult.” Things especially seem to be harder for the celeb due to her success as well as her relationship with her billionaire bestie. She shared that a man once told her:

 “‘Gayle, look at your shoes … look at your bag, look at your coat. You’re friends with Oprah [Winfrey].’

She added:

“A guy looks at that and says, ‘I can’t compete with that.’ But my thing is, it’s not a matter of competing. I’m not looking for someone to compete.” 

Despite this, it seems King remains positive that love will eventually come her way again. The “GMA” said that she hopes to end up with a Black man with a sense of humor who is kind, smart, confident, and who isn’t afraid to use proper grammar.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson