Angus Cloud’s Estate Sued By Multiple Parties For Unpaid Debt, Including Verizon Wireless For $4,000 Phone Bill

Angus Cloud

Angus Cloud’s Estate Sued By Multiple Parties For Unpaid Debt, Including Verizon Wireless For $4,000 Phone Bill

Creditors are reportedly coming after “Euphoria” star Angus Cloud’s estate.

Court documents recently revealed that the late actor allegedly owes thousands of dollars to various lenders, and they are taking legal action to get what they say is rightfully theirs.

Angus Cloud

Network company Verizon Wireless is included in the list of those who recently filed a suit against Angus Cloud’s estate. Reports state that the cell phone brand claims in their complaint that the entertainer racked up a total of $4,282.70 in purchases and goods before the time of his death last July. If you recall, Cloud was tragically found in his family’s home in Oakland, California. He passed away due to an accidental drug overdose.

Verizon reportedly addressed the suit to Cloud’s mother Lisa Cloud, who is the sole executor of his estate. Unfortunately, Verizon isn’t the only company that claims the actor owes something. As we previously covered, Cloud’s former manager Diomi Cordero says that before the actor’s death, he owed him thousands in unpaid commission. The entertainment professional has reportedly since filed suit against Cloud’s estate, claiming he’s in the hole of $94,770.

Allegedly, the two had a contract that agreed Cordero would receive 10% compensation for any gig he booked for the actor. However, he alleges that Cloud breached the contract back in 2022 and stopped paying out commission for unnamed reasons. In his suit, Cordero reportedly says that Cloud:

“[had] a record of making numerous commission payments to him until he ceased making such payments with no basis.”

He reportedly adds that he attempted to rectify the situation with the entertainer’s legal team first. However, they were allegedly never able to reach an agreement. Cordero reportedly claims he was responsible for securing Cloud lucrative deals with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Rayban, Zara, and more, and argued that he deserves to receive the commission owed to him despite the actor’s passing. Cloud’s estate was also reportedly sued by J.P. Morgan Chase back in November of last year for $9,056.11 over an unpaid credit card bill. It has not been reported that any decisions regarding the suits have been made at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson