Wendy Williams Fans React To Her Tearfully Opening Up About Addiction, Money, & Health Struggles In Docu Trailer: ‘Just Broke My Heart’

Wendy Williams Fans React To Her Tearfully Opening Up About Addiction, Money, & Health Struggles In Docu Trailer: ‘Just Broke My Heart’

Media maven Wendy Williams is trending following the release of her documentary trailer.

Fans across social media have been reacting to the 2:20 video, pouring out their love and well wishes for the famed TV host as she shares about her struggles over the past few years.

The documentary titled “Where’s Wendy Williams” is reportedly set to air on Lifetime sometime in the near future. In the trailer, Wendy Williams, 59, is seen sitting in her iconic purple chair as she cries while speaking on things she’s endured over the past few years. As you may remember, the media personality seemingly fell into a downward spiral back in 2022 after battling a series of health complications, leading to Wells Fargo restricting her from accessing her massive fortune as they deemed her “not of sound mind”.

Williams briefly touches on this in the documentary clip where she stated:

“I have no money and I gotta tell you something, if it can happen to me, it can happen to you.”

At the time, Wells Fargo reportedly required Williams to be appointed a guardianship over her finances, but seemingly wouldn’t allow the executor to be any of her family members. Several of them appeared in the documentary trailer, including her son Kevin Hunter Jr., and her sister Wanda. The celebrity’s sibling also became emotional while speaking about the situation, stating in the clip:

“We are her family, and you tell me that I’m not capable of taking care of my sister. What would you do? What should I do?”

At one point in the video, Williams is also seen in an intense standoff with one of her family members as she chastised him for attempting to remove a bottle of vodka in her room. He accused her in the clip of nearly polishing off the alcohol in just a day. The combination of money and health issues, along with Williams still seemingly grieving the end of her marriage to Kevin Hunter as well as grappling with her show coming to an end after more than a decade on air, reportedly triggered some addiction struggles as well.

Fans of Williams have been waiting for her TV return, though some seem surprised that it’s not in the form of a talk series as she’s notably done the majority of her career. Overall, it seems there are many mixed feelings surrounding the project. Social media users have been reacting to the clip, some sharing their excitement while others shared their concern and hopes that Williams is doing better .

At this time, the date the documentary will air has not been released.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson