Katt Williams’ Comedy Show Temporarily Paused After Fight Breaks Out In Audience

Katt Williams

Katt Williams’ Comedy Show Temporarily Paused After Fight Breaks Out In The Audience

Looks like things got a little rowdy at Katt Williams‘ recent comedy show.

The comedian abruptly stopped in the middle of his performance to briefly joke about a fight breaking out, seemingly between audience members.

Katt Williams
was reportedly at the Bridgeport, Connecticut stop on his The Dark Matter comedy tour when the altercation took place. Video of the incident shows the the 52-year-old stopping right in the middle of one his jokes after noticing a situation happening in the crowd. Off camera, Williams can be heard singing:

“Welcome to Bridgeport, where sometimes sh*t just happens,”

The comic continues on with his impromptu song as several people intervene, seemingly trying to break up the fight. Within a few moments, one of the individuals can been seen being escorted from the venue to a round of applause. Williams further addressed the situation, stating:

“That’s the thing about Bridgeport, Y’all don’t do a lot of arguing…somebody’s telling jokes guys”

At this time, there’s been no report on what caused the fight to happen. It was noted, however, that the incident occurred on Mo’Nique’s first night joining the tour. The Oscar winning actress announced that she was joining Williams for the series of comedy shows shortly after her viral interview on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast Club Shay Shay. Reportedly, Mo’Nique concluded her set that evening to a minute long standing ovation.

It does not appear Williams has commented about the fight publicly at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson