Trevor Noah Reportedly At Odds w/ Spotify Executives Over The Direction Of His New Podcast


Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah Reportedly At Odds w/ Spotify Executives Over The Direction Of His New Podcast

Will South African comedian/TV personality Trevor Noah enjoy the same success in the podcast lane as he did on TV?

Ever since he stepped away from hosting “The Daily Show” back in 2022, after a 7-year run, Trevor Noah has moved on to new exciting ventures, including launching his very own podcast in November 2023.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t even been a full year since Trevor Noah officially started his “What Now? with Trevor Noah” podcast and it already seems that things are rocky between him and Spotify.

Rumor has it that the audio media provider is worried that Trevor Noah and his team allegedly want to renegotiate his contract terms with them regarding his “minimum guarantee,” which is the pay he is set to receive in exchange for producing a certain number of podcast episodes.

Trevor Noah

The main rift is reportedly centered around the kind of guests the podcast should feature. Spotify allegedly prefers that Noah mostly invite celebrities on his series. However, it’s said that Noah desires to include guests from various fields, not just famous people of Hollywood.

In an interview back in November, Noah indicated that he would be just as intrigued to chat with company CEOs and scientists, clarifying that no matter the guest, he’s “going to have A-list conversations.”

Noah continued,

“Hopefully, you can get a deeper understanding of how they see the world and maybe even talk about how they feel about how the world sees them.”

Trevor Noah

Yesterday (Feb. 12), a Spotify spokesperson seemingly danced around the brewing drama as they addressed reports of the alleged dispute and reportedly said,

“We are happy with the show and we have no news on any changes to share.”

As of the present moment, there have been no official comments from Noah and his team concerning this matter.

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Authored by: Candice O