K. Michelle Teases Fans w/ A Snippet Of Her Forthcoming Country Album, Social Media Responds: ‘[She] Sounds Like A Black Dolly Parton’

K. Michelle Teases Fans w/ A Snippet Of Her Forthcoming Country Album, Social Media Responds: ‘[She] Sounds Like A Black Dolly Parton’

K. Michelle isn’t playing any games when it comes to her cowgirl era!

On Wednesday (Feb. 14), celebrated songstress K. Michelle (also known as her alter-ego, ‘Puddin’) further built the anticipation for her forthcoming country album.


In a nearly-one-minute audio clip, K. Michelle sings over the down-home ballad from the long-awaited project,

“I ain’t perfect, I still drank some when I’m hurting / I got my own type of worship / I don’t fall down on my knees, but I still believe / That God’s got my back and I got His / It might not be how Mom thought I’d live / I need Saturday night, just like Sunday mornings…”

The well-received snippet appears to be of the 41-year-old’s unreleased track titled “Jesus and Whiskey,” which she’s performed on stage and Instagram Live previously.

K. Michelle captioned the post, with a vintage-glam photo of herself attached:

I still believe that God’s got my back. Just writing and singing my life, hope y’all enjoy this snippet from my new album.”

Following the tease, fans flooded the R&B veteran’s comments, gushing over the forthcoming music. A user shared,

“Sounds like a black Dolly Parton.”

Another person expressed:

“You are country music, you have the perfect tone and voice for this!!”

If you didn’t know, K. Michelle’s switch from passionate R&B songs to front-porch, sweet-tea-sipping melodies has been in the making for quite some time now.

In 2019, the “V.S.O.P.” phenomenon announced that her country album was officially in production. However, the full-length’s arrival (seemingly) had a few setbacks, and K. Michelle ultimately primed listeners with a couple of singles instead.

From “Just Like Jay” to “Country Love Song,” which featured fellow country artist Justin Champagne, and her latest, “Tennessee,” the Memphis native’s soft launch of her country career has been uber-successful. So much so that after gracing the CMA Fest last year, she also found herself at the CMA Awards alongside rapper/singer Jelly Roll.

K. Michelle

Amid recent news that Act II of Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ would be country-themed, the public questioned if K. Michelle needed to be “checked on,” indicating that the superstar would be competition for her.

The “Scooch” singer responded on X (formerly Twitter),

“Why would anyone need to check on me. I’m one of the greatest African American country singers of all times with no album even out.”


She added, showing support for Queen Bey:

“Yall been mentioning me ALL night. I’m just happy to be spoke about in my genre. I love Bey and wil be supporting her like i always do.”

Since the conversation of Michelle and Beyoncé’s country crossovers has come about, many have even brought up the idea of a collaboration between the two.

An individual said on X,

“It would be nice to get a K. Michelle feature on Bey’s country album…she would eat that up.”

Someone else furthered:

“I’d like to see Beyonce have K Michelle on this country album. Do it for the culture.”

Of course, it would be nice to see the ladies band together and break even more barriers for Black women in country music.

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

Check out more of what the people had to say about Michelle’s “Jesus and Whiskey” below…

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell