Usher Reflects On Tragic 2012 Passing Of Ex-Wife Tameka Foster’s Son Kile: ‘It’s A Real Hard Thing To Lose A Child’

Usher, Tameka Foster & her son Kile

Usher Reflects On Tragic 2012 Passing Of Ex-Wife Tameka Foster’s Son Kile: ‘It’s A Real Hard Thing To Lose A Child’

R&B star Usher recently opened up about the untimely death of his stepson.

During a recent interview, the 45-year-old recalled trying to be a support system for his ex-wife, Tameka Foster, at the time, while acknowledging his own grief as well.

After being asked about the passing of his 11-year-old stepson Kile back in 2012, the singer reportedly stated:

“It hurt,” 

Usher went on to explain that Tameka Foster, who he was married to from 2007 – 2009, was in Italy at the time of the incident, and was understandably overwhelmed by what had happened. He reportedly continued:

“I chartered a private plane to get her home because she was so distraught…We were not even together. It’s a real hard thing to lose a child. There’s not a day that his brothers and his mother don’t think about him.” 

Usher, Tameka Fost, & children

If you recall, Kile was riding in an inner tube at Lake Lanier in Georgia when he fatally collided with a jet ski driven by a family friend. In the aftermath of the incident, he was placed on life support. Unfortunately, Kile succumbed to his injuries. Just last year, fashion designer and stylist Tameka Foster started a petition in remembrance of Kile’s passing, urging the governing establishment to implement better safety protocols and for the lake to be drained and restored. To date, the petition has accumulated over 15,000 signatures.

Elsewhere in the interview, Usher also touched on him and Foster “doing our best” to co-parent, as well as spoke on the other near-fatal incident involving their shared son Usher V, now 16. The two also share another son Naviyd, now 15. If you recall, a year after Kile’s passing, Usher V, then 5, almost drowned after getting caught in a pool drain at the Grammy winner’s Atlanta home. Speaking on their co-parenting situation, Usher reportedly stated:

“I’m not going to lie, we have more difficult days than we have great ones.”

Adding that the pool incident was:

 “one of the hardest days of my life…and I’m certain one of the hardest days of hers…I love my boys, and I would never do anything to compromise or endanger them,”


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Authored by: Kay Johnson