Jeezy Trends After Lighting Up Tiny Desk Concert Stage, Some Fans Disappointed By Reaction From Live Audience: ‘This Deserved Way More Energy’ 


Jeezy Trends After Lighting Up Tiny Desk Concert Stage, Some Fans Disappointed By Reaction From Live Audience: ‘This Deserved Way More Energy’

Jeezy is taking his fans down memory lane with a live performance of his greatest hits.

On Feb. 21, NPR Music released their latest installment of the much-beloved Tiny Desk Concert series, featuring Georgia-based rapper, Jeezy, who is currently trending on X following his performance.


The Grammy-nominated rapper did not disappoint as he performed some of his biggest records. Jeezy’s set list included fan favorites like, “Standing Ovation,” “Air Forces,” “Bottom Of The Map,” “And Then What,” “Go Crazy,” and “Everythang.”

He was accompanied by a full band of musicians including, D. Hodge on bass and musical direction, C.J. Thompson on drums, Joe Harley on the keys, Ashley Pointer and Dr. Amyr Joyner on the violin, Lelia-Michelle Walker on the viola, and Johnny Walker on the cello.


The rap superstar maintained continuity with his Tiny Desk performance, highlighting the early stages of his career and crafting an ever-developing narrative between each track.

During the mini-concert, Jeezy stated,

“I was able to connect with my people and my culture because we spoke the same language. I wanted to inspire and give people the blueprint, people who wanted more for themselves.”

Going beyond music, Jeezy has extended his mission, excelling as an investor and, more recently, as an author. His memoir “Adversity for Sale: Ya Gotta Believe” achieved New York Times bestseller status.

Although Jeezy brought the kind of energy many would anticipate for his latest performance, some of the rapper’s supporters seem to feel that the same energy was not reciprocated by the Tiny Desk live audience.

Under the YouTube post of the almost 24-minute event, one fan wrote,

“Nah Jeezy need to do this over with a better crowd, this deserved way more energy.”

Another fan on X said,

“The audience didn’t do Jeezy any justice at all. Jeezy had to force them to get into it. He shouldn’t have to. It was a great performance, tho.”

Despite some of the complaints concerning the live audience, others expressed that they thoroughly enjoyed the rapper’s mini-concert.

One fan on X shared,

“This takes me back to the good times when 106 & Park was still on air.”

Another fan added,

“Jeezy music gets me amped, leaves me feeling positive and ready to take on the world.”


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Authored by: Candice O