Jeezy Claims Ex-Jeannie Mai Was Fully Aware Of Their Impending Divorce Prior To Public Knowledge

Jeezy Claims Ex-Jeannie Mai Was Fully Aware Of Their Impending Divorce Prior To Public Knowledge

Jeezy denies that Jeannie Mai didn’t know divorce was forthcoming.

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai’s amicable split seems to be getting messier and messier. As previously reported, Jeannie Mai sat down with EGOT recipient Jennifer Hudson on “The Jennifer Hudson Show” Monday (Dec. 4), where she spoke openly about her divorce from famed rapper Jeezy. When Jennifer asked the reality star about the unexpected news regarding her relationship, Jeannie claimed she was “unaware that her marriage was ending” and felt “gutted” by the shocking news. Well, a source close to the pair says Jeezy vehemently denies that he blindsided his estranged wife as she was fully aware of where things were headed.

Jeannie Mai, Jeezy

Reportedly, the couple sought marriage counseling with multiple professionals prior to the decision to call it quits, but no matter who the expert was who tried to help restore their connection, nothing was enough for Jeezy to want to stick and stay. From Jeezy’s perspective, according to the source,  

“The clear signs of their uncoupling were long established and manifesting right before their eyes.”

Jeannie Mai Jenkins, Jeezy

Jeannie also stunned the world by alleging that Jeezy was unfaithful to her, which, according to Jeannie, violated their prenup. She has requested compensation according to the “infidelity clause” in their premarital agreement. Jeannie’s cheating accusation is another claim that Jeezy has outright denied. In a statement posted by Jeezy’s legal team, they responded, 

“Any claim of infidelity on Mr. Jenkins’ behalf are 100 percent false and we have no further statements at this time.”

It’s important to note that since the news of the September (2023) split, neither Jeezy nor Jeannie spoke out to address the announcement immediately, as things seemed to be cordial between them. It was when Jeezy filed a motion (Nov. 30) for a judge to intervene and adjust his custody schedule that the peaceful battle seemingly became a war. In the recently filed legal document, Jeezy claimed Jeannie acted as a “gatekeeper” over their one-year daughter, Monaco, making visitations increasingly tricky for him to fairly adhere to.

Jeannie Mai, Jeezy & daughter

Though Jeezy has denied all claims of wrongdoing regarding his decision to leave his wife, the platinum artist has not elaborated on why he wants out in the first place. 

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