Jacquees Teases “Quemix” To Summer Walker’s Single “Playing Games”

Jacquees Teases “Quemix” To Summer Walker’s Single “Playing Games”

The self proclaimed “King of R&B,” is back with another remixed version of a hit original song. On Thursday (Sept. 26th), Jacquees (real name Rodriquez Broadnax), 25, shares a clip from the studio with a medley of Summer Walker’s “Playing Games” and 702’s “Get It Together” for his latest Quemix. The Cash Money singer revealed his remixed is called “Rumning Game,” in his post writing,

“Running Game” Quemix out now! This one of my favorite songs.”


The “Playing Games” singer gave her blessing to Jacquees in a tweet shortly after posting the clip. She responds,

”I love this.”

Listen to the full original track:

Jacquees’ new “Quemix” to ‘Playing Games.”

Jacquees is currently revving up for the release of his forthcoming project, Round 2 which is set to arrive soon.

As previously reported, the singer cover of Ella Mai’sTrip” caused a storm of confusion and controversy across the internet. Grammy award winning singer Ella Mai took to social media to address their online feud. She shared a cryptic, yet very subliminal tweet writing,

“I’d be so embarrassed if someone brung me on stage and the only thing i could sing was someone elses song because nobody knew my actual music. poor thing.”

In a recent interview, the “King of R&B” spoke about his viral success from remixing original songs and his proclaime to be the king. He tells Rolling Stone,

“I’m just me. I wasn’t built in the industry. I’m a real person. I just brought my realness to the industry and people think it’s funny, I guess.”

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Authored by: Gregory Molette