Jay-Z Entitled To Over $4.5 Million In Royalties After 5-Year Court Battle W/ Perfume Company 


Jay-Z Entitled To Over $4.5 Million In Royalties After 5-Year Court Battle W/ Perfume Company

Jay-Z comes out on top in a legal battle.

Legendary rapper Jay-Z’s 5-year court battle with a perfume company ended on a high note. An appellate court ruled that the “Can I Get A…” rhymer is entitled to over $4.5 million in royalty claims.

In 2016, Parlux, a perfume company, sued Jay-Z for $68 million. They claimed that the Rock-A-Fella co-founder didn’t uphold his end of a 2012 promotion deal for his fragrance called Jay-Z Gold.

Jay-Z’s attorney Alex Spiro’s counterclaim called for over $4.5 million in alleged unpaid royalties. The jury granted the claim; however, they also decided that the perfume company shouldn’t have to pay damages to the rapper.

Of the decision, Justice John Higgitt wrote:

“The record is clear: Parlux sold licensed products after July 31, 2015, but failed to pay royalties on those sales.”

A lawyer for Parlux, Anthony Viola, stated during the closing arguments:

“Parlux invested $29 million into that venture. It upheld its end of the bargain. The defendants didn’t uphold their end of the bargain.”


He continued:

“If the defendants had fulfilled the contract, if they have upheld their end of the bargain, Parlux would have had a runaway success. We would have netter $67.6 million in net profits.”

Meanwhile, Alex Spiro argued:

“Why on Earth would Jay-Z put his name on one product and only one product in his entire career if he wanted that product to fail? Why?”

He added:

“And that’s a question they will never be able to answer because there is no answer.”

Parlux said that Jay-Z was a no-show for his fragrance launch at Macy’s in 2014. The company also alleged that he didn’t

promote the product on Good Morning America and in Women’s Wear Daily. They claimed that his failure to comply broke their agreement.

Jay-Z’s lawyer argued that the hip-hop mogul was given a year to promote the fragrance and wasn’t required to appear at the launch.

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Authored by: Roganí Araya