Gloria Govan ‘Utterly Denies’ Using Matt Barnes’ Amex w/o His Permission To Book Trips, Says She’s Open To Police Investigation As He’s Allegedly Trying to ‘Extort’ Her & Threatened To ‘Expose Some Dirty Little Secret’

Matt Barnes, Gloria Govan

Gloria Govan ‘Utterly Denies’ Using Matt Barnes’ Amex w/o His Permission To Book Trips, Says She’s Open To Police Investigation As He’s Allegedly Trying to ‘Extort’ Her & Threatened To ‘Expose Some Dirty Little Secret’

Update (Feb. 28): Gloria Govan is shutting down Matt Barnes’ allegations over their child support battle, including claims that she used his American Express without his knowledge to book trips.

In court documents obtained by Radar OnlineGloria Govan responded to his latest filing, calling his accusations lies. She noted, via her attorneys, that she expressed an issue with their child support agreement in 2022, but Matt Barnes allegedly never brought it back up until last year. She said in the filing,

“This omission is so contrary to human nature, that it virtually is conclusive evidence that [Barnes’] allegations of an oral agreement is a much later fabricated statement, probably not even thought by him.”

She also addressed Matt Barnes’ claim that they agreed to lower the child support agreement by $6,000 considering their sons’ tuition, however, their schooling only costs $2,400. And since they split costs, that

 “would have meant only a reduction of $1,200” 

Ultimately, Gloria Govan said she and Matt Barnes never verbally agreed to anything. Instead, she said the former NBA star  “has attempted to extort” in writing

by claiming that he would expose some dirty personal secret if she pursued her claim, and subsequently attempted to claim that he was instituting a police investigation over [Govan’s] allegedly unauthorized use of his Amex card, which he would drop if she dropped her claims.

Govan said of Barnes’ allegations over his Amex that she has

“welcomed an investigation as she completely and utterly denies using.”

She continued,
“Most recently, [Barnes] accused [Govan] of charging $22,635 on his Amex card, again claiming fraud, only to have [Govan] remind him in less than sensitive terms, that it was he who had charged that for [their sons]”

Original Story (Feb. 23): The never-ending court battle between Matt Barnes and Gloria Govan continues to press on.

In the most recent filing, the former NBA player shot down his ex wife’s claim that he hasn’t been paying the full amount of child support and reversely accused her of theft.

Matt Barnes

According to a report from Radar Online, Matt Barnes says his ex isn’t being truthful about their child support arrangement. He stated in court documents that he and Gloria Govan verbally agreed to reduce his mandated $10,000 in monthly support down to $4,000 because he started paying 100% of their kid’s private school tuition and extracurricular activities. The exes, who were married from 2013 – 2016, share twin sons Carter and Isaiah, 15.

Carter and Isaiah Barnes

Barnes is reportedly asking the court to enforce the alleged verbal agreement, writing in the document:

“I have upheld my end of the bargain. Despite this, Gloria still seeks in a bad faith effort to ‘double dip’ and secure an unjust and unwarranted windfall.”

Gloria Govan

Additionally, Barnes also claimed that Govan has been secretly stealing money from him. The athlete accused the “Basketball Wives” alum of using his American Express (Amex) card to purchase travel for herself and alleges she hid the action by swapping the email address on the reservations. He wrote:

“For years Gloria has been using my Amex card to book travel for herself…Each time…it appears she logged into my account and surreptitiously changed the email address to hers, then booked travel and received the confirmation at her email address, only to immediately change the email address on the account back to mine once she received her travel confirmation so that I would be none the wiser.”

Gloria Govan & sons

He added:

“Gloria’s theft from me is to the tune of thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars.”

Govan initiated the ex spouses’ most recent legal war back in June of last year. As we reported at the time, the reality star asked the court to intervene after claiming Barnes told her he “didn’t want to” pay $10,000 a month in child support any longer. According to Govan, the hooper said he was overwhelmed by his then girlfriend Anansa Sims and her kids moving in with him while the two were expecting their first child together.

Anansa Sims, Matt Barnes & child

Govan says she never agreed to reduce her own child support payments. She went on to file a complaint for Barnes to be held responsible for the alleged $267,000 he owes her. It has not been reported that a judge has ruled on the matter at this time.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson