Gloria Govan Wants Court To Limit Her Twin Son’s Involvement w/ Ex Matt Barnes’ New Reality Show, Says She Fears He Will Attempt To “Bully” & “Extort” Her

Gloria Govan, Matt Barnes

Gloria Govan Wants Court To Limit Her Twin Son’s Involvement w/ Ex Matt Barnes’ New Reality Show, Says She Fears He Will Attempt To “Bully” & “Extort” Her

Basketball Wives alum Gloria Govan has submitted a new complaint in her longstanding legal battle with ex Matt Barnes.

A recent report from Radar Online stated that the TV personality is seeking a judge to reinforce an agreement they set regarding their shared children’s appearance on his new reality project.

As we recently covered, former NBA star Matt Barnes is set to star in the forthcoming reality series alongside his soon to be wife Anansa Sims and their children. The show will reportedly follow the couple preparing their blended family for their upcoming nuptials and is set to debut sometime next year. Part of the storyline will include the children Barnes shares with his ex wife Gloria Govan who says she agreed to allowing her twin sons having some air time on the show. According to her, however, the athlete has completely disregarded the parameters she set in the agreement and now wants the court to get involved.

Reportedly, Govan wrote in the court documents that she believe’s her ex husband’s “volatile” nature will once again show up as a result of filming and thus wants to limit her kids involvement with the project. Additionally, the VH1 star says she’s fearful that Barnes will address her on the show out of anger about their ongoing custody dispute. The report states that the exes are currently in a legal war over $267,000 in back child support. Govan claims Barnes still owes her the money because he decided on his own to lower their agreed upon amount of nearly $10,000 monthly to $4,000 monthly, despite the court setting the arrangement in the first place.

Matt Barnes

Matt Barnes

Her recent motion reportedly read:

“the dysfunction at Matt’s home has created an emotionally disturbing environment for the boys…Although Matt has not of recent times been as abusive towards me as he has in the past, I do believe that by filing this [motion], he will revert back to the bully he has so often been, and he will threaten or try to extort me as he has in the past.”

Gloria Govan & children

She continued:

“[Matt] gets angry, he is caustic and makes threats that amount to extortion. It is believed that when and if he is ordered to pay the arrearage of child support that is due, his anger will overflow, and the other requested orders will need to also be in place at that time.”

Speaking specifically about her concerns over the show, Govan reportedly added:

“I am especially concerned that if Matt gets angry, that some of this will be displayed on the reality show The Barnes Bunch that he has been filming for a season, and which is filming again now. I had originally only agreed to our boys being included only on a limited basis, but Matt went beyond our agreement.”

And concluded with:

“I therefore wish to have a written order that requires our agreement to have the boys involved in a reality show, whether Matt’s or one that I am potentially going to be filming.”

It doesn’t appear that a judge has ruled in the custody matter nor the request for parameters about filming at this time. Additionally, neither Barnes nor Govan seem to have commented publicly on the matter.

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Authored by: Kay Johnson