Wendy Williams’ Manager Will Selby & Publicist Shawn Zanotti Are Reportedly ‘No Longer Working’ For The Media Personality 

Will Selby, Wendy Williams, Shawn Zanotti

Wendy Williams’ Manager Will Selby & Publicist Shawn Zanotti Are Reportedly ‘No Longer Working’ For The Media Personality

Wendy Williams’ team is undergoing some major changes.

According to reports, daytime TV Icon Wendy Williams has ended her professional relationships with manager Will Selby and publicist Shawn Zanotti. They both were recently featured prominently alongside the former talk show host in the controversial Lifetime documentary that showcased Wendy Williams’ medical troubles.

Wendy Williams

While it has been speculated that Shawn Zanotti has been absent from the picture for some time, sources suggest that Wendy Williams’ jeweler-turned-manager, Will Selby, was also let go.

A source close to Wendy Williams’ camp recently shared,

“Will had initially remained involved in Wendy’s care, and he is one of the few people who knows where she is, but he’s no longer working with her.”

Wendy Williams, William Selby

However, they allegedly maintain a cordial relationship. Moreover, Will Selby’s statement to RadarOnline, on Feb. 22 that he was still representing Williams indicates that he only recently parted ways with her.

As for Shawn Zanotti, Wendy Williams’ fans observed her travel with the ailing media personality to Los Angeles for a meeting with NBCUniversal in the “Where Is Wendy Williams?” docuseries, which was filmed between August 2022 and April 2023.

While addressing this particular incident, the source further shared,

“Shawn was in hot water after she took Wendy to Los Angeles.”

It’s reportedly been over a year since Shawn Zanotti stopped serving as Williams‘ publicist.

Shawn Zanotti

According to the insider,

“The last time Shawn did any sort of work for Wendy was in May, as she still needed a publicist when she had to back out of her speaking gig at the Atlanta Women’s Expo after being hospitalized.”

The source continued,

“Shawn handled that fallout from the Expo, but she’s been out of the picture ever since Wendy went into treatment this time.”

Many of Williams‘ supporters have been heavily critical of her care. Some have accused Shawn Zanotti of being an enabler, exacerbating Williams‘ predicament by approving all her requests.

Others criticized Will Selby for not adequately supporting Williams in her delicate condition. This sentiment was echoed by Williams‘ son, Kevin Hunter Jr., who claimed Selby is a jeweler who may not possess the necessary skills to handle the situation.

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Authored by: Candice O