Issa Rae On Her ‘Insecure’ Character & Molly’s On-Screen Friendship: Issa Isn’t Blameless! 

Yvonne Orji, Issa Rae

Issa Rae On Her ‘Insecure’ Character & Molly’s On-Screen Friendship: Issa Isn’t Blameless!

Does the implosion of Issa’s and Molly’s friendship on the hit show, “Insecure,” have you fighting with your friends in real life? Creator/star Issa Rae is challenging social media users to take a step back when it comes to aggressively attacking actress Yvonne Orji over her role as Molly. Yvonne Orji admitted on Twitter that receiving a wave of backlash over a fictional character was overwhelming.

Issa Rae admits that her character isn’t completely innocent in her spat with her onscreen bestie. In a recent interview, she says:

“I think I just want people to take a step back. I do think it requires a serious re-watch, and we’re not asking you to keep tally, but I don’t think that Issa is blameless by any means. I think that there has been there’s been stuff building up and whether you think that’s the time or place for Molly to confront it, people have boiling points, and I think for her, it came down to this — [reasoning as Molly] ‘You don’t respect the boundaries that I set for myself…I set this specific boundary, and I go above and beyond for you, I ride or die for you all the time. And I asked you this is the one limitation I placed on our friendship and you still found a way to go behind.’ And I think on Issa’s side, it’s like ‘B*tch, this is all I have and this flimsy Cheeto of a boundary, this Cheeto door lock boundary that you put up, like I’m gonna find a way around it, because I have to succeed.’”

Yvonne Orji, Issa Rae

Issa Rae continued:

“They are friends, they are real-life friends, but there exists a specific dynamic in their friendship that both of them have gotten accustomed to. They’re college friends who have taken on different paths. And we talked about, you know, post-college, Molly witnessed Issa being in this long relationship and this relationship that she may have aspired to, and I think, on Molly’s side, Issa has witnessed her take this journey to become this incredible lawyer…I think they were used to that dynamic. And so, in this particular season, we’re seeing Issa pursuing a new career, a new passion and being busy and we’re seeing Molly try to flourish in this new territory and this relationship. [But] when you’ve seen one another stumble so many times, you kind of look at that friend with old eyes like ‘Okay, you’re trying to get into this relationship, but I know how you do and I can’t unsee that.’”

Meanwhile, “Insecure” stars Kendrick Sampson and Yvonne Orji hilariously acted how Issa and Molly should end their beef.

Issa Rae says that despite the quarantine, the writers from the show have already started the fifth season of “Insecure:”

“We just locked the finale which means, you know, we finished the sound mix I think last week. I think we officially submitted it and then we started the writers room (for Season 5) last week as well, so we are in it. It feels really good to be back. And it’s like my only social interaction right now is just the weird virtual writer’s room. So that part is really exciting.”

As far as Issa’s and Molly’s friendship, Issa Rae says we’ll have to wait and see:

“I think you can expect these individual journeys. When you’re used to being friends with someone for so long, so much of your identity gets wrapped up in that and I think that exists for relationships in general. I think both of them needs to take a step back and and kind of examine ‘how did we get here? And who am I without this person?’”

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Authored by: Miata Shanay