Update: Macy Gray’s Daughter’s Restraining Order Against Her Brother For Allegedly Being Abusive Towards Family Members Dropped After Siblings Skip Recent Hearing 


Update: Macy Gray’s Daughter’s Restraining Order Against Her Brother For Allegedly Being Abusive Towards Family Members Dropped After Siblings Skip Recent Hearing

Update: (Feb. 29, 2024): The drama surrounding Macy Gray’s adult children has seemingly ended.

For those who missed it, Earlier this month, the singer and her son, Tracy Melvin Hinds, spoke out against a temporary restraining order her daughter, Aanisah Hinds, filed against her brother. Reportedly, Aanisah alleged that Tracy was abusive towards her, the “I Try” artist, and other members of their family. However, according to the mother-son duo, the entire ordeal was a misunderstanding, and a restraining order was never filed.

Macy Gray claimed that she filed what she believed to be a move-out order so her son would legally be required to leave her home and branch out independently.

Fast forward to this week, and the temporary restraining order Aanisah was granted has been dropped. According to a report from RadarOnline, a recent hearing took place to determine if the protection order would become permanent. However, the siblings reportedly left the court before the matter was called before the judge. Due to them skipping out early, the court determined,

 “There being no appearances at the time the matter is called for hearing, the Petitioner’s Request for Restraining Order is discharged. All Temporary Restraining Orders, if any, are dissolved.”

Original Story: (Feb. 8, 2024): Macy Gray is making sure there aren’t any “gray” areas when it comes to her family’s reputation!

On Thursday (Feb. 8), singer/actress Macy Gray took to social media to clear the air about recent allegations regarding her son.

Macy Gray

Earlier this week, news broke that Macy Gray’s oldest daughter, Aanisah, had (supposedly) filed for a restraining order against her younger brother, Tracy, for growing violent toward their mother.

In court documents obtained by a popular media outlet, Aanisah was said to have listed,

“Tracy got into a physical altercation with my mom.”

The 29-year-old allegedly expanded:

“He followed her and harassed her as he always does when he drinks.”

Additionally, it was told that Tracy hit Aanisah’s mate, Cornel, after he attempted to diffuse the situation and even proceeded to aggressively “bang on the doors” of their rooms until authorities arrived. Following Tracy’s spiral, he also (reportedly) pushed his sister, and it was noted that the behavior had been a “constant” thing with him.

Tracy Hinds

Further into the paperwork, Aanisah reportedly detailed being “afraid” of her sibling and cited the need for protection away from him as she’s (reputedly) pregnant.

However, Tracy and Gray have since spoken out and denied the rumored dispute. In a five-minute video posted to her Instagram profile, Gray said,

“I just wanna clear this whole thing up about this going around about my family–talking about my son abuses me… and all this stuff. Nothing could be further from the truth. My son has never, ever, ever, ever, ever–would never–put his hands on me. Wouldn’t even think about nothing like that.”

She added:

“That’s my dude! Like,… we would take a bullet for each other, and he’s just not that kind of man. Me? I’m a lot of things, but I ain’t no victim. … I ain’t gon’ be over here, you know, [with] somebody hitting on me. And I don’t mean that [offensively] to people who are in that situation. I don’t mean to sound insensitive… but that’s not my family’s situation. You know? We’re not dealing with that.”

Macy Gray

According to the “I Try” songstress, a restraining order was never filed. Instead, she sought a move-out order due to the verbal arguments she and Tracy have had throughout his time living with her and to make him “grow up a little.”

Gray assumed that the mandate to vacate was only labeled as a restraining order due to it falling under the same umbrella in the state of California laws.

She stated,

“It’s so false. We didn’t file a restraining order, we filed a move-out order. You know, so… me and my son get into it sometimes, and you know… I get really heated and I say, ‘That’s it! You’re moving out.’ You know? Um… but he loves his family, he loves his house, you know… he loves where we are.”

The Grammy winner went on:

“He won’t move! So, you know, he’s twenty-seven years old. I’m just trying to, you know, get my son out in the world, doing his own thing… on his own. You know, I’m just trying to get him to grow up a little bit!”

Gray concluded by indicating that the media’s portrayal of her daughter’s words was (seemingly) false and twisted for shock value.

Aanisah Hinds

Sharing an article from the entertainment blog Onsite!, Tracy wrote on his Instagram Story:

“Fake news runs the world now lmao.”

He then addressed other news sites, accusing them of defamation for running with the story. Tracy expressed:

“If you keep tagging me in your little posts, Hollywood Unlocked, all you guys… whatever, that’s defamation. If you wanna sit down and have a talk with me and [let me] explain it to you… what happened, we can do that. But if you’re gonna just keep lying on my name, then that’s defamation, dude. And… yeah, that’s a lawsuit.”

To our knowledge, no additional statements have been given from either of Gray’s daughters, Aanisah and Happy.

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Authored by: Ashley Blackwell