Update: Actor John Amos Continues To Deny Claims From Daughter That He’s A Victim Of Elder Abuse: ‘This Story About Neglect Is False & Unmerited’

John Amos & Daughter

Update: Actor John Amos Continues To Deny Claims From Daughter That He’s A Victim Of Elder Abuse: ‘This Story About Neglect Is False & Unmerited’

Update: (Mar. 4, 2024): John Amos is sticking by his son.

We recently reported the Los Angeles police department opened an investigation to look into claims that John is a victim of elder abuse. As you may recall, last June his daughter, Shannon Amos, first claimed her brother, Kelly ‘K.C.’ Amos, was behind the abuse. According to reports, she recently contacted Adult Protective Services for the purported ongoing issue, alleging her sibling — who is said to be John Amos’ caretaker  — was still not providing their dad proper care. APS then contacted the LAPD.

However, in a recently released statement, John denied the allegations against his son, saying,

“I want to first say that I am feeling well and working diligently on various projects that I am involved in at this time, including the docuseries that my son and I are producing, along with a music release. I’d like to add that everywhere we go together, people refer to my son K.C. as my twin. I’m proud of him for who he is as a person: a caring, thoughtful human being who respects me and I him.”

He continued,

“Now, I will say this for now: This story about neglect is false and unmerited. The real truth will come out soon and you will hear it from me. Believe it.”

This isn’t the first time the “Good Times” star has defended his son against the incriminating claims from Shannon. Last year the celeb’s rep claimed that no one was abusing him.


Original Story: (Mar. 3, 2024): Police are officially investigating the well-being of Good Times star John Amos.

According to reports, authorities have opened an investigation into the actor’s care following continued concern from his daughter that he’s allegedly being abused.

John Amos

Reportedly, the Los Angeles police department decided to look into neglect allegations made by his daughter Shannon Amos after she took the matter to Adult Protective Services. The celebrity’s kid told the APS that her father is battling health issues and claimed her brother, her father’s caregiver Kelly ‘K.C.’ Amos, has not been getting him proper care. Subsequently, the entity shared their report with the LAPD, prompting the investigation.

John Amos, Shannon Amos, K.C. Amos

If you recall, Amos‘ children have been publicly at odds about his care for some time now. Back in June of last year, Shannon started a GoFundMe that she claimed was to help her father remove K.C. as his acting power of attorney and get from under his alleged abusers. The Coming To America actor subsequently denied being abused, however, and the fundraiser was ultimately removed after raising over $13,000.

K.C. was arrested the following month, not necessarily because of the abuse claims but because he threatened to kill his sister over them. The report notes that the LAPD are fully aware of the sibling rivalry and will focus their investigation specifically on the claims in the APS report. Though unconfirmed, it’s speculated that the decision to open an investigation could’ve been reinforced by Amos‘ recent hospitalization. It is noted, however, that Amos himself claimed it was just a routine visit and that he is fine despite the investigation.

John Amos

There have been no further updates about the investigation at this time.


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Authored by: Kay Johnson