Nick Cannon ‘Would Not Endorse’ Sherri Shepherd’s New Talk Show Out Of Support For Wendy Williams

Sherri Shepherd, Nick Cannon, Wendy Williams

Nick Cannon ‘Would Not Endorse’ Sherri Shepherd’s New Talk Show Out Of Support For Wendy Williams

Nick Cannon is sticking up for his friend Wendy Williams in the wake of her former talk series coming to an end.

Televison personality Sherri Shepherd, 55, is set to replace “The Wendy Williams Show” with her own talk show “Sherri” that will air this fall.

Sherri Shepherd

According to reports, production company Debmar-Mercury asked talk show host Nick Cannon, 41, to support the launch of “Sherri,” but he refused out of loyality to his long-time friend Wendy Williams, 57. An insider close to Wendy Williams said

Nick Cannon would not endorse her out of allegiance to Wendy.”

The source added,

“He wasn’t cool with how they handled him and how they abruptly canceled his show and hustled everyone out of there and took their computers and sh*t.”

Nick Cannon

Reportedly, Nick Cannon didn’t appreciate Debmar-Mercury cancelling his show “Nick Cannon” after just six months on the air, although he considered the brief opportunity as a

“blessing and dream come true.”

Wendy gave Nick a chance on her nationwide talk show, which as a result led to his “big endeavor” and for that, Nick was “indebted and grateful to Wendy.”

Wendy Williams

As previously reported, Wendy’s former husband, Kevin Hunter, 50, recently revealed he wanted Nick to step in on her famed show while she worked on her health issues. Kevin Hunter, also Wendy’s previous long-time manager, recommended that Nick help fill in during Wendy’s absence in 2018. Kevin Hunter shared,

“When I was there and we was going through some very extreme circumstances, I would try to lend and helping them fill that void properly so it don’t affect the audience or the flow. You know one of those things was Nick Cannon like I suggested that ‘yo go get Nick while we’re down for the count doing this.’”

“The Wendy Williams Show” aired its final episode on June 17, 2022 after 13 years on the air. Actress Sherri Shepherd was one of the celebrity guests who filled in for Wendy during the final season of her talk show.

Wendy Williams, Sherri Shepherd

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Authored by: Ariel Whitely