Omari Hardwick Says His “Power” Role Is A Result of His Wife’s Prayers

Omari Hardwick Says His “Power” Role Is A Result of His Wife’s Prayers

Behind every powerful man is a strong woman. Actor Omari Hardwick affirms that his wife, Jennifer Pfautch, has been that and then some for him. Upon the premiere of his wildly popular show “Power’s” finale season, he says his wife prayed for him to receive a role that would catapult him into superstardom. His role as James “Ghost” Saint Patrick is the result of those prayers. Omari posted this emotional Instagram caption about Jennifer:

“@omarihardwickofficial & so she prayed………for a man born under perhaps the same zodiac star as hers. She prayed that this man accept his star. & UNAPOLOGETICALLY. After hearing a sermon from Rev. John Gray on dominion….This woman (you…Jaebird) asked that God allow this man (me) to embrace my dominion over my walk within this industry. In all the roles i would one day play. In front of the camera & behind. Dominion is defined by words of synonymous weight & merit. Words like power. You prayed that I’d embrace the power that you believed awaited, but that you knew i was apologetically born with already. You & The Big Man up top must have a cool shorthand between one another because those prayers of yours were answered very shortly after. We ALL have a power in our OWN right. The more you have, however; the more duty, the more “clock in” is required. Mine came in the form of a job with that title. #Power.”

Omari Hardwick and wife Jennifer

“Then eventually God brought it in the form of my abnormally high octane quantity of spiritual, mental, physical & emotional gifts…being shared with legions of people. Including the most significant of these gifts shared….YOU Speaking of OWN…. hats off to you @oprahmagazine for recognizing that which her fans all do….the power of Jae & the journey she has shared with so many even when received with push back. @mrsjaeh …your journey has marched forward in grace class, love, compassion, & resilience. A journey NO doubt #PoweredByGod A journey that included dealing with the complexities of ALL the ghOsts in me when the cameras were down…for like 1,080 days.
#GodGotTheLongestRedCarpet #HesTheOnlyInterviewerOnIt #ThePrayerOFaMamaBear We love love love you Mama bear”

His loving wife and mother of his two children commented, complimenting her husband:

“me and God agreed that your talent and soul’s brilliance were too big to keep hidden or relegated! Some spirits should never be contained…yours is one. Thank you for always hearing me with your spirit. You amaze me @omarihardwickofficial”

We’re certainly grateful for Jennifer Pfautch’s prayers that gifted us Omari Hardwick’s “Power” role! The sixth and final season airs every Sunday on Starz.

Written by Miata Shanay

Authored by: Miata Shanay